On My Shoes

As an innovator of the modern day trap music sound (that we all know and love), Zaytoven is forever one with some cool shit to say…or to show. Topics in this Off The Record episode include: his start in the Bay Area with JT The Bigga Figga, being an army brat from Germany, meeting Gucci Mane, when he heard Migos“Bando,” and revealing to the world just how old the “Versace” beat really is (by the exact file date and all).

I Got What You Don’t

GBE x Yung Gleesh x Zaytoven connection. A trapped-the-fuck-out game of hot potato.

Ballout “Wat U Got” (Feat. Yung Gleesh & Capo, Prod. Zaytoven)

Shouts to Will on the directorial duties.

Bonus: Capo calls for the young Chiraq gunner Lil Herb for this slice of darkness.

Capo “Forced To Shooting” (Feat. Lil Herb)

Now He Made It Harder

Wop just dropped three new tapes, and we still have extra shots in the clip to let off. First, the cinematic venture of a Trap House III stand-out with recent 1017-signee, Chief Keef (what’s a video with Sosa without crazed ATV antics).

Gucci Mane “Darker” (Feat. Chief Keef, Prod. 808 Mafia)

Gucci never was the one to do hand in half-assed guest work:

Tim Savage “Bodies” (Feat. Gucci Mane)

DC “Get Money” (Feat. Gucci Mane)

For the completists, here is the recent collaborative project with the Bay Area’s own Figg Panamera (with heavy cameo work by Kevin Gates), Fillmoelanta 3.

Never Heard The Pipe Sound

Kevin Gates links with the very lively Bloody Jay and Yung Mazi to talk murder over some…murder…provided by Zay. My favorite song right now.

Kevin Gates “Anybody Get It” (Feat. Yung Mazi & Bloody Jay, Prod. Zaytoven)

Slim Dunked In Her

Que and his potna dem talk to the creep master about some creepin’ ass whore. Shit is hilarious and superb. Who Is Que dropping soon.

Que “Same Bitch” (Feat. Tracy T, Prod. Zaytoven)

Flexin’ Doin’ The Money Dance

Que and Sonny Digital continuing the fine tradition of making Atlanta seem like THE PLACE to throw a house party. I mean, shit, they are “partying” to this creepy ass piece of music (by none other than the brood master himself, Zaytoven)! My OTHER favorite track off of Forbes Atlanta.

Que & Sonny Digital “Swa-Ray” (Prod. Zaytoven)

You Can’t Drive The Rari

JT + Gucci + Zay. Filmoelanta 3 on the way.

JT The Bigga Figga x Gucci Mane “Jump Shot Dough” (Prod. Zaytoven)

Spanish Rice At A Centerfold

Rich The Kid and Migos have their original public apology reworked with yet another pairing of OJ Da Juiceman and RiFF RAFF. Second time we see OJ and Jody together in a week, and I’ll go on to say that I would not be mad at a collaborative project between the two, especially if handled by Zaytoven.

Rich The Kid “Sorry” (Feat. Migos, OJ Da Juiceman, & RiFF RAFF, Prod. Zaytoven)

Bonus: New edition of the Trap Music mixtape series, hosted by, guess who, Migos. Also boasts brand new music by Waka Flocka Flame, Chief Keef, Eldorado Red, Alley Boy, Bloody Jay, and then some. If you’ve ever wondered what the tape’s hosts would sound like over the darker, “fight music” stylings of, say, 808 Mafia, dream no more (the song even finds them with Waka and other B$M/Dirt Gang crew members).

Get Trap Music: Me & My Migos Edition

Exkra Bonus: Another mixtape from this week. Get this for the exclusive Migos, Future, Casino, Young Thug, and Bloody Jay material.

Get Freshly Baked 2

Transforming Foreign Cars

Doe B + Zaytoven proves that, yes, “brood rap” (our term, trademarked) doesn’t just live in Atlanta and Chi-Raq. This shit goes.

Jr. Boss “Streets Signed Me” (Feat. Doe B, Prod. Zaytoven)

You Know Zay Do My Music Bruh!

Zaytoven released his Birds Of A Feather movie today on iTunes…now here is the soundtrack. You know what that means? A bunch of brand new hypnotic jammers with ’nuff “crow scrapes” and “brood bass” to have you dreaming of cookware for weeks. Stand-out moments include performances by Gucci Mane, Eldorado Red, Migos, Chief Keef, and, actually, the list goes on.

Take this as a reminder that Zay IS the godfather of trap rap.

Get Birds Of A Feather

Bonus: Yung Fresh aka Bankroll Fresh adds a visual to the mix.

Bankroll Fresh “36” (Prod. Zaytoven)

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