Well I Be Gettin’ Down

Young Giftz and Tree‘s New Jack City-referencing slammer gets the hazy, Windy City visuals to go along with it. Soon to be available on Giftz’ The Lake Effect 1.5: The Re-Rock…though you can just get it from us.

“Nino” (Feat. Tree, Produced by Tree)

As premiered by FSD

Chiquita Banana Clips

Young Giftz follows up the Tree assisted “Nino Brown” with the Sarah Palin approved (You Betcha!) video, “Gun Show”. Where “Nino Brown” was what is now dubbed Soul Trap, Giftz skips the soul and heads right to the trap with this one. Old habits die hard and so does Young Giftz. #NoMuscles

“Gun Show” (Produced by Young Sean)


Tree mega laces Young Giftz with some eerie soul trap shit.

Young Giftz “Nino Brown” (Feat. Tree, Produced by Tree)

Bonus: Another joint produced by the Chi-Town drunken master rap …rapper.

Rogizz “$100 Chips” (Produced by Tree)

Via Fake Shore Drive

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