Sprite Remix

Don and Dolph kinda like an alternate version of Step Brothers.

Don Trip x Young Dolph “Me & My Bitch” (Prod. DJ Squeeky)

Don Trip x Young Dolph “Green & Purple” (Prod. Drumma Boy)

Shouts to DGB for both joints.

Water Wheel Spinnin’

PeeWee Longway grabs up some other unique voices to speak about that #trenchlife. This is precisely the topic of most by-myself-meetings. The PTP cosign on this is very skrong.

PeeWee Longway “Trenches” (Feat. Young Dolph, MPA Shitro, Prod. DJ Spinz & Dun Deal)

Bonus: More MPA/Hoodrich bidness. Good bidness.

Jose Guapo “Lingo” (Feat. MPA Shitro, Prod. C4)

Like I’m On Drank Though

Archival Lito & Dolph Southern fried ting from the Dirty Glove Bastard vault.

Young Dolph x Starlito “Alive” (Feat. Mouse On The Track, Prod. DJ B-Real)

But I Charge

Dolph on that mega skrong with this. Off of the highly-excellent High Class Street Music 3.

Young Dolph “Da Game Is To Be Told”

Wanna Hand Off?

New Gucci and Dolph over a D Boy Fresh slapper. Honestly, pretty underwhelming (very much like the cover art), until Wop‘s verse, which does something damn near magical to the song during its course.

Drumma Boy “Private Party” (Feat. Young Dolph & Gucci Mane, Prod. Drumma Boy)

Yeah They Robbin

One evening, Young Dolph rapped over some evil synths and p-noid piano play by Drumma Boy. It was on High Class Street Music 3. This is the very appropriate visual take.

Young Dolph “No Sleep” (Prod. Drumma Boy)

One In Every Family

Fiend gets his Memphis brethren to commence gas distribution. Off of Lil Ghetto Boy (see below).

Fiend “Actin’ Up” (Feat. Young Dolph, Prod. Trakksounds)

Each One Of Ya’ll

Memphis’ Young Dolph sends out this super duper skrong pack for your A-1 trap needs. Guests are solid with names like Project Pat, Young Scooter, Starlito, Don Trip, and 2 Chainz. Production is equally as impressive with Drumma Boy, KE On The Track, Izze The Producer, Speaker Knockerz, and C-Money on the boards.

Get High Class Street Music 3

Why She Talk So Much?!

Young Dolph and the Step Brothers make some clever as fuck, thick-drawled rap.

Young Dolph “She Loves Me” (Feat. Don Trip & Starlito, Prod. Izze The Producer)

Too Much To Fit In My Toilet Bowl

Young Dolph is simply one of my current favorites. Dude just has lines for days to back up the loud smell of arrogance in his traumed slow flow. The one rapper who can consistently measure up to GuWop, when the opportunity arises.

Dolph‘s new shit, High Class Street Music 3, drops on May 13.

Young Dolph “Lebron”

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