Hella Bands

King Louie, French, and Gotti have a dance-a-thon (coincidentally, there is another money dance going on elsewhere today).

King Louie “Money Dance Remix” (Feat. Yo Gotti & French Montana, Prod. DGainz)

Couldn’t Play Worth Shit

Rado and Gotti reflect on their respective upbringings with a little visual aid from one of my favorite movies, Fresh. Off of Red‘s White Power.

Eldorado Red “How Could I Forget” (Feat. Yo Gotti, Prod. Lil Lody)

You A Slave Master

Gotti and Kiss make that cocaine muzik. Zone.

Yo Gotti “Ain’t No Turning Around” (Feat. Jadakiss, Prod. Jahlil Beats)

Trap Go

Durk and Gotti do their own version of that Jeezy anthem from a few years ago. Signed To The Streets should be out any day now.

Lil Durk “Everything All White” (Feat. Yo Gotti)

Playin’ Call Of Duty

Gotti and French on that shit. Off of the highly-celebrated CM7.

Yo Gotti “Work” (Feat. French Montana)

Tattoos On My Hands

Kirko and Gotti throw mini-milk cartons at the other folks in the lunch room…while K.E. brings a steel drum. My trap rap radar is a little fuzzy right now, but I’ve definitely heard this exact beat with a different rapper on it.

Kirko Bangz “Disrespect” (Feat. Yo Gotti, Prod. K.E.)

Bonus: Gotti and Lil Lody count and count and count and count. They can count and count again as long as they make it sound like this.

Lil Lody “Lost Count” (Feat. Yo Gotti, Prod. Lil Lody)

Skraight Hunters!

Rado and Gotti team up again for a little more of that “I Supply The Town” chemistry. This shit is so fucking lost. Bellies rumbling for that White Power to drop later today.

Eldorado Red “Concrete Jungle” (Ft. Yo Gotti, Prod. Mike WiLL Made It)

Crackheads Crackin’ Blunts

Gunplay released another random loose track on a strange but hypnotizing backdrop for the fanbase. Peace to Don Logan, one of the few two time Fresh Out the Box alumni. Check his appearances on our show — here and here. His recent interview with Vice is a legit read a too.

Gunplay “Definition of A Plug” (Feat. Yo Gotti)

Til They Hit The Switch

Gunplay, French, and Yo Gotti make this song even more urgent (and special).

Rick Ross “Hold Me Back Remix” (Feat. Gunplay, French Montana, Yo Gotti, and pffft)

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