Like First Day Of School

Trouble Trouble don’t fuck with these silly folks!

Trouble “J. Hudson” (Prod. B Wheezy)

Trouble “Too Many” (Feat. VL Deck)

Don’t Do Beef For Publicity

trouble cover (2)
Trouble Trouble is back with a new project goddammit. Some deeply rooted emotions on this stormy chunk of trap music. Do not hesitate, just go.

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Mute Your Shit

Gritty and Trouble Trouble play with the big toys.

Gritty Boi “No Problems” (Feat. Trouble)

Bill Russell On It

French releases some slow mo, “good life” visuals to his most recent reflective banger, thus serving up an end-product with an unsettlingly dark undercurrent.

French Montana “Trouble” (Feat. Mikky Ekko)

Ain’t Change Me

French on some introspective splash ala “Only For One Night,” “Water,” and “Sanctuary.” Excuse My French, May 21.

French Montana “Trouble” (Feat. Mikky Ekko)

Whole Brick

A special little mixtape with a bunch of Huntsville, Alabama talent on it. A wide range of things on here from violent trappin’ to space age country rap tunes. Expect to see favorites like ST 2 Lettaz, Zilla, Gmane, Bentley, Jackie Chain, PT Primetime, Mata, Joi Tiffany, and even a Trouble cameo. Of course The Block Beattaz got soundscapes all over this.

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That Noise

MMG affiliate Scotty Boi enlists Don Logan to help with this cut from his upcoming AWOL 3 mixtape.

Scotty Boi “Headshot” (Feat. Gunplay & 40 Cal)

Bonus: Gunplay along with Trouble recently also appeared on a cut by Bay Area emcee Philthy Rich, titled “Not Enough Real Niggas”.

Pass The Blunt To Mariah

Gucci not only earns himself the deed to this Trouble joint by outperforming everyone, including the beat itself, but manages to further cement his spot as the best “name drop rap” rapper (simply because he’s obviously not doing it in a co-sign’y, “hey look who I have snapped a random photo with…we are totally close friends and exchange meringue pie recipes,” The Game sorta way).

“You Don’t Deserve That Remix” (Feat. Gucci Mane, Rocko & Travis Porter)

Bonus: Gucci and Jahlil Beats seem a bit better as a match on, and apparently off, paper. Pause. Ignore the other guy cause that’s what you’ve been doing for years now.

Tony Yayo “2 Girls” (Feat. Gucci Mane)

Def Jam Circa ’83

Killer Mike and co. each play his part as good samaritan in this grindhouse level visual. T.I. got some stripper voodoo bitches, possibly on “bath salts,” and Mike’s black shades grant him some crazy ninja invisibility powers as he makes “moving unnoticed” look completely effortless. R.A.P. Music out now.

“Big Beast” (Feat. Bun B, T.I., and Trouble, Produced by El-P)

Do remember…Killer Mike, El-P, Despot, and Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire go Into The Wild in one second:

Also, the god Spot will be performing with the BXVXK GXX (aka SpaceGhostPurrp) in NYC next week (catch him before he is jetty).

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