Get Your Respect Ha

#1. Fiend still taking those high altitude trips.

Fiend “Violent Violins”

#2. Jones going gruff on ’em.

Fiend “Mr. Jones”

Worldwide Membership

Fiend takes to the skies and raps among the clouds on these. Needless to say, his Trip To London project will probably keep us cold winter folk stuck with warm weather thoughts until the temperatures climb again. Dude’s whole style is perfect for these types of soulful 70’s lounge movie score jammers.

Fiend “Blue, White, & Red”

Fiend “Group Home Graduates”

Assisted By Saxophones

N.O. Fiend, when on his smooth shit, is like an old James Bond flick in rap form. I wonder which Bond girl he’s got ridin’ shotty on this one? Trip To London coming soon.

Fiend “Cherry Blossoms” (Feat. Dice)

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