For The Non-Believers

Tone Skeeta dropped the visuals for his latest single produced by his bredren Tree, along with his mixtape The Total Package.

Grab the tape below. We gotta get this dude on FOTB during his next trip to New York.

Try Your Luck

Tone Skeeta enlists fellow Gutter City Ent. brethren Tree for his cut “Thrilla n Manilla”. And check Tone‘s solo project, Mixtape Music. Tree also appeared for an interview on our weekly radiowave installment Fresh Out the Box a few months back, learn yourself something.

Tone Skeeta “Thrilla n Manilla” (Feat. Tree)

4 Hundred And 45 Horses

Tree and co. get cosmic in the #SoulTrap. This comes off of Tone Skeeta‘s Mixtape Music EP (which was produced entirely by Tree).

Tree “Dirt Flo” (Feat. Tone Skeeta & B. James, Produced by Tree)

Bonus: New Tree cameo. Good.

Viru “One, Two, Three” (Feat. Tree)

Also Knows How To Rap Real Good

Tone Skeeta raps and we post the songs. This is what you call “Bars”.

“All I Know”

85 Ethanol

Tree and Tone Skeeta on some cold as fuck rider music. I mean really, this just further solidifies Tree as one of my favorite “recent discoveries” (recent being of the last year or two). Set to land on DJ HM2DA‘s Occupy The Hood mixtape(?).

Tree “Dat Chevy” (Feat. Tone Skeeta, Produced by Tree)


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