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Nesby Phips re-lives the pretty picture painted from the lounge’y, Bossa Nova’ish track that sets off his recent release, The Catchup. Just more outside-of-the-box country rap (which we enjoy, thoroughly).


Consistent Like Rice & Beans

Yes… this just in! Nesby Phips, the DD172 Dojo master killer, drops the anticipated chapter after his well-received B-Side mixtape, The Catchup. Go get it for free, here.

From first run-through, we are thoroughly welcoming back-to-back repeat play sessions of this joint…as it is the near-perfect alternative to most things coming out now. Sonically, expect jazzed-out, cerebral music that flaunts the weight of his hometown’s rich musical heritage like a worker ant on a mission (the cat IS from New Orleans ya know), perfect for a night ride around the city or one of those by-myself-meetings Cappadonna was talking about on “Iron Maiden” (ideally, not without your favorite intoxicant(s) in hand). Lyrically, dude is the exact opposite of what most would expect when being told that he’s a “newer rapper from New Orleans”, but in all actuality, Phips is just that, “new New Orleans” rap. The ink on his paper runs deep, with rhyme sensibilities more akin to the “Golden Era” style of Southern rap (ala UGK, Dungeon Fam, Scarface, and Young Bleed – though Bleed arguably falls later on in the 90’s), and much like I’ve said in the past about fellow NOLA spitter, Curren$y, though I would not actually compare the two stylistically, it’s dope to hear such high-quality authorship delivered with a thick drawl.

Here’s an immediate favorite out the pack:
Nesby Phips “The Avowal”

Tracklist as follows:

1. Author Something
2. The Avowal
3. Blue & Green w/ Miles Davis & Ski Beatz
4. Circles
5. ircles Out
6. Everywhere I Go w/Trademark Da Skydiver Jon Mecure & Terry Walker
7. Funked Out w/ Big Chop
8. Hold On w/ Curren$y Roddy & Trademark Da Skydiver
9. King Me w/ Smoke DZA & Push Montana
10. Lustful w/ Re & Scar
11. Mazeltov Cocktail w/ Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa
12. Prioritize w/ Curren$y
13. Say My Name w/ Side A
14. Sunlight w/ Tabi Bonney
15. Supply w/ Wiz Khalifa
16. Underwater Barbecue w/ Berto
17. Word to these Bo Jackson’s w/ Ski Beatz
18. 15 Cents w/ Trademark Da Skydiver & Roddy

Special note…Phips, we got beats for your next shit (inquire within)!

Damn PTP has been fillin’ up with gems this MLK day (enjoy it and be safe).

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