Steady Bloggin’ and PTP presented this a few warm months back, live on Fresh Out The Box. It’s October and it is still warm outside (80-something degrees warm). That means you can still fire up the yacht, grab up the plushest of lightweight robing, a bottle of the finest brown water, a bag of jet fuel, and bump this shit while you wait for the upcoming Third Looks and TechSpec mixes by us.

Get Yacht Rap II: Nighttime Vultures

Found Out What It Means To Be Believed

Black Sabbath through the eyes of some mad men. We are proud to unveil this two-song pack of heavy metal god shit, all chopped-and-slowed, as the first single to the upcoming Screwing Yourself To Live project between us and Steady Bloggin’. An experiment in sludge and stonerism. Expect to see that on 12/12/12.

Go get “A National Acrobat” b/w “Sleeping Village”

Peep the video the god whipped up to “Sleeping Village.”

Big up John Turner Jr. for the cover art and Alex for the overseeing.

In The Sky

Attention Black Sabbath heads, weed heads, drank heads, and those who just fancy their music mega heavy and slow, PTP and Steady Bloggin’ got some shit in the pyrex for you! It is officially #FridayBLACKESTFriday …so that means we premier the first taste of our “best of” tribute to the aforementioned “most important band ever”…in trippy visual form, no less. Screwing Yourself To Live, probably also a first step into something that could be called SludgeWave*, drops 12/12/12 (think 6/6/06…just stretched and doubled…or something) via this site and that site. The music of Sabbath will be treated and mixed together by yours truly, overseen by the homey Alex, while John Turner Jr. handles the artwork. This is going to make some lean and loud pushers quite rich.

Black Sabbath “Sleeping Village” (Chopped & Slowed)

I threw this video together this afternoon…yeah.

*I dunno…think heavy metal given the Texas chopped & screwed treatment.

Like Etta James

G-Side and (the artist still known as) John Turner Jr. are a scary sight! No, but they are a well-oiled machine when put together to let their respective creatives flourish. Turner is in the director chair for this one as the trio gives us a short glimpse into G.

Bonus: The good folks over at Steady Bloggin’, who happen to be purveyors of only the most top-shelf in Chopped & Screwed outings, recently dropped a project featuring nothin’ but G-Side joints that have taken on said top-shelf properties, as treated by Trappadon. As if their music wasn’t already heady enough.

Artisanal Limes And All That

Fresh Out The Box closed 2011 with a mule kick to the solar plexus…and how funky and fly-ridden that mule was. Since I felt like the previous episode was the perfect bow out for my year in hip hop taste making, I went in on some dusty ass gems recently dug up from the crates of others. Yep…one big FOTB funk/soul/jazz/psych explosion…something like a fucking solar eclipse (don’t hold your breath for the next time that happens on this particular show).

But wait, there’s more! We had long-time extended fam DJ Teddy King (of Boundless NY/King Stampede/Lafayette Japan/iLL Banger, to name a few, fame) step in to lace the airwaves with a special guest set during the second hour. ‘Nuff exclusives from Maffew Ragazino along with some other recent favorites of his, crazy Lord Finesse funk edits, and original samples. Doors were left without a hinge to hang on.

PTP familia was also runnin’ deep in the station. I’m talkin’ the likes of Commander Black, G.U., Alex (of Steady Bloggin’ fame), Jaime Buddha (of Stumptown fame), and Tony Conquerrah (of NY Rescue Team fame) were all in attendance to pop bubbly and say farewell to another crazy year.

Fresh Out The Box – #RappyNewYear

Peace to BBOX Radio, Teddy and everyone else who joined us that night…plus The Diggers Union for posting this ep before we did today!

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