Now I Get The Picture

Lito pouring his heart out in this vent off of Funerals & Court Dates. Very epical ending to the video.

Starlito “Money Cacti”

Bonus #1: The making of his album Cold Turkey.

Bonus #2: Something new with the ever-atmospheric Ryan Hemsworth.

Starlito “Marley Lion” (Prod. Ryan Hemsworth)

Bonus #3: Never a thing for Lito to steal the spotlight in a couple of bars.

B Hav “For A Pill” (Feat. Starlito)

Stand Alone

Kevin Gates and Starlito drop a visual for the duo’s song off Gates’ newest tape, Stranger Than Fiction. Grab that. Shout out Gates burping on this track at 2:53.

Kevin Gates “MYB” (Feat. Starlito)

Like I’m On Drank Though

Archival Lito & Dolph Southern fried ting from the Dirty Glove Bastard vault.

Young Dolph x Starlito “Alive” (Feat. Mouse On The Track, Prod. DJ B-Real)

Bad Habits


Starlito and Don Trip reunite for this cut, featured on Lito‘s new project Cold Turkey. You can scoop the project here.

Shout outs to anyone that hits me up with the name of the QB duo that already went in on this sample.

Starlito “No Rearview” (Feat. Don Trip)

Devil In Her Eyes

Starlito drops off a surprise pack full of plenty of plot twists (within 5 songs at that). Things start off on an emotional front, sounding like dukes just went through something with his lady, then things get really dark. If you’ve ever heard Lito, you already know that this is gonna get downright cinematic. He also rhymes over “Bible On The Dash”…which is probably only fully acceptable when done by him.

Cold Turkey drops July 4th.

Get Attention, Tithes & Taxes

Ain’t No Right Time

Starlito stars in a (short) “rap musical” featuring a handful of his recent (more emotionally charged) material woven into a story. It’s like that one time Jay-Z did one big, relatively cohesive, music video montage. Much like Jay, Lito stands as one of the only rappers who could have me sit through and actually enjoy such a cinematic endeavor.

Sit back and enjoy Reasonable Emotion, directed by Charles M. Robinson:

Can’t Follow No Footsteps

Scotty with Starlito and Kyleon? What’s not to like?! Especially with Burn One weaving some of the most atmospheric trunk funk out this muhfucka. Off of the very excellent F.A.I.T.H.

Scotty “My Shoes” (Feat. Starlito & Killa Kyleon, Prod. DJ Burn One)

Hurry Up, But Don’t Rush

Them Step Brothers (Don Trip & Starlito) cats sit down and speak with the good people at Dirty Glove Bastard about the making the first Step Brothers album and their approach to part 2.

Why She Talk So Much?!

Young Dolph and the Step Brothers make some clever as fuck, thick-drawled rap.

Young Dolph “She Loves Me” (Feat. Don Trip & Starlito, Prod. Izze The Producer)

Ain’t Shoppin’

Lito and Kyleon address those who choose to fill their tanks with liquid hatred. Off of Funerals & Court Dates.

Starlito “What’s Wrong With You Pt. 2” (Feat. Killa Kyleon, Prod. Cy Fyre)

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