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ST 2 Lettaz threw out new visuals for a late night drugged out kinda track off of his album The G … Growth and Development which you should grab up if you haven’t already.

Shout outs to ST and Norty, both class acts that have graced the Fresh Out the Box studio.

ST 2 Lettaz “Green Light District” (Feat. Norty Hugh, Prod. Block Beattaz)

Put It On The G-Side Tatt

ST opens up about the split, albeit peaceful (and seemingly mutual), he had with his long-time rhyme partner, Yung Clova. No shots fired, just some sincere shit.

ST 2 Lettaz “Time Wasted”

Bonus: A recently released visual to something pretty off of his solo The G: Growth & Development.

ST 2 Lettaz “Ocean” (Feat. Julia Spada & Saturday, Monday, Prod. The Block Beattaz)

Like A Rap Sanger

ST is a proud stoner and loud lover of those lady loud lovers.

ST 2 Lettaz “Rotation” (Prod. Ceezy)


Since Day One

ST 2 Lettaz, one of the talented emcees out of the Slow Motion Sounds camp has released his latest solo project The G … The Growth & Development. We at PTP were lucky to have him grace our show, Fresh Out the Box, on multiple occasions and highly advise you to check out his latest offering.

You can stream the album below or purchase it from iTunes.

Like Papa Smurf

ST 2 Lettaz drops this pre-cursor EP before it is time his first official solo album. The G…Growth & Development will see the light on March 5th.

Time for Prelude To A G

When I Got Mine

ST 2 Lettaz is set to release an EP to keep the fans pleased as they wait for his upcoming album titled G (The Growth & Development) — which is now set to release in early March. Check the latest leak from the EP below. This beat is outta control.

ST 2 Lettaz “Prelude to the G” (Prod. Block Beattaz)

No Capricorn

2 Lettaz and The Block Beattaz never cease to stretch space within their own sonic boundaries (whether it be claiming top tier over a soulful thumper or boastfully gliding over a 90’s East Coast type slap). ST‘s The G… The Growth and Development drops February 19th.

ST 2 Lettaz “Crown” (Prod. The Block Beattaz)

ST 2 Lettaz “Trillmatic” (Prod. The Block Beattaz)

Ain’t No Sittin’ Up In My Room

ST with another cinematic escapade off of his R.E.B.E.L. project. Jesus, every time I hear this song, it reminds me of son’s absolute beast’ability as a rapper.

ST 2 Lettaz “Trill 2 Da Bone” (Prod. The Block Beattaz)

Since I Clocked In

G-Side leaked the final song they recorded as a duo, produced by none other than their SMS bredren The Block Beattaz. We had the opportunity to have them up on Fresh Out The Box twice, check out the freestyle sessions here, here, and here. If the SMS camp is ever on tour in your zone, definitely show up — great live performers.

G Side “Listen to My Demo” (Prod. The Block Beattaz)

My Many Dreams

2 Lettaz and his neighbor take to showing some pride for their hometeam/hometown over an anthemic Block Beattaz burner. Some shit for ESPN to get loose on. ST‘s G…Growth & Development coming in 2013.

ST 2 Lettaz “Roll Tide Nation” (Feat. Grilly, Prod. by Block Beattaz)

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