Free Spirit, Free Mind

Future and TNGHT sit down in a special edition of Pitchfork’s Selector (rare to have both the rapper and producer(s) featured…at the same damn time…sorry…but it HAS happened one other time). The astronaut speaks about his next album, his approach to writing and Dungeon Family influence (or lack thereof), and working alongside Mike WiLL (how he is a “real producer”). Lunice and Hudson Mohawke then speak on their creative process, collaborating with/producing for rappers, and things related.

Backed Up With Orders

Freddie Gibbs, the man behind one of the best releases of 2012 linked up with Pitchfork to get on their Selector series. He discusses his tour experience in Europe, his upcoming projects for the next year, and as usual for the series, ends things with a freestyle over Erick Arck Elliot‘s “Laker Paper” instrumental.

Look out for the Gibbs and Madlib project, tentatively titled Cocaine Pinata.

Bonus: Gangsta Gibbs and Kiss for the betterment of rap collaborations.

360 “Own Thing Remix” (Feat. Freddie Gibbs & Jadakiss)

Why Do You Think It Sucks?

Despot and El-P go through the Pitchfork Selector wash process. They make rap happen over a rather tuff sounding country rap tune beat…titled “Harlem Shake” (?????????). Despot, a noted modern dance historian, will tell you why that makes sense and why there is a sense of urgency tied to anything bearing such a title…and that he can 1-up El-Producto in a game of monotonic sarcasm rants.

Uhh Freestyle?

Chief Keef gets the Pitchfork Selector treatment. Props to Eavvon for not throwing the desk in which he was sitting over some of those answers. Props to Skywlkr for fucking up whatever he fucked up.

Hook To Hook

Waka Flocka is an open flood gate for quotables…no shit…but to have a relatively earnest conversation with the guy about his sound (Lex Luger vs. Southside …in a production battle to the death) and writing process, while gettin’ inked up? LEVELS.

No, no, no, wait…he truly wins for being the most serious about his not taking himself so seriously. This might be the best Selector freestyle yet. Dead ass.

What You Said?! Margarine Like Butter?!

Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire gets the Selector treatment from Pitchfork…in a strip club “dressing room.” Sounds like a winning set up right? Well, the positives stay on the somewhat obvious…eX speaks his mind and keeps things 100…and strippers like Valentine cards. The unfortunate shortcoming of this feature? Both beats, as explained in the interview segment, are wack.

Regardless, the shit is still an entertaining view.

Part 1

Part 2 – Freestyle …with pole dancing…hilarity.

Big up Meech for the heads up.

One Thing’s For Certain

Danny Brown and UK dubstep/grime mastermind, Joker, get thrown together in an abandoned building/cathedral/warehouse (??) to make grime rap dreams come to life. By the sound of XXX, it was apparent that Danny had a soft spot for the heavy-bass synth’d stutter step that has made street and pirate radio legends out of a handful of UK youths/gunmen/etc. This particular combination not only stands as a naturally choice pairing, but also one that should be further explored, at length.

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