I Brought Your Tacos

Rome and Goodwin drop off the next chapter to a twisted tale of sex, lies, and murder (not necessarily in said order). Always keep a grooming kit, a change of clothes, and a back-up plan. Beautiful Pimp II on the way.

Rome Fortune “I Said” (Prod. CitoOnTheBeat)

Special thanks to the Boyd Estate.

The Cause & Effect

Rome Fortune and Goodwin crafted the most sense-pleasing, “warm-weather appropriate” video this year. After leaving The W in NYC, the duo took things out West to get sun-drenched in LA and, as expect, we see the umbrella-ornamented-drinking-glass vibe continue, but then the “Safety” happens: a track produced by HPG‘s own Dun Deal on which it seems like he was remixing “Get The Guap” while watching Misery. Things get a lil twisted in the storyboard department as well.

Rome hasn’t slowed a bit since the release of Beautiful Pimp (quite the contrary, actually) and now we have multiple projects on the calendar for which to impatiently wait.

Rome Fortune “Missed Calls” (Prod. Ethereal)

Rome Fortune “Safety” (Prod. Dun Deal)

The Pursuit

Rome Fortune delivers one of the most season-appropriate visuals to his equally Summer-vibe-drenched banger. Smiling faces, bouncing bodies, cool afternoon breezes, and fresh fruit, all on a nice hotel rooftop and set to some slick ass space disco? Way to spend your first NYC Summer week, guy. Something tells me this won’t be the last we hear of Rome in these sunny months.

Masterfully coordinated, colorful, warm-weather-cinematics filmed, edited, and directed by Goodwin

Rome Fortune “Grind” (Prod. FKi)

Calling Me

Rome back with another, this time a quick departure from the Beautiful Pimp/HPG-helmed sound, and back to something more breezy for these warmer nights. Producer Ethereal walks sir Fort back into a LoLo‘ish zone, though the result shows maturity in sonic refinement.

Rome Fortune “Missed Calls” (Prod. Ethereal)


Apparently, Rome Fortune and Candice Mims had some secret gems in the stash that did not make Beautiful Pimp (because every time they do work together, it warms our spirits like a Saturday morning breakfast). Whether or not this is a seasonal release, we are glad to see the two further exhibit their “opposite’s attract” chemistry in another interplay of differing vocal tones and lifestyles.

Rome Fortune “Delivery” (Feat. Candice Mims, Prod. Dun Deal)

Create Our Own World

This doesn’t do anything to stop us from thinking that Atlanta has some crazy rap vitamins in the drinking water. The whole gang plays extremely well here, each in his own respective lane. I’ve really nothing else to say other than I will be listening to this a lot, on repeat.

MoneyMakinNique “Billy Club” (Feat. Wara From The NBHD & Rome Fortune, Prod. Childish Major)

Billy Dee

Rome with some Fear & Loathing type visuals in the desert for his crowd slammer off of Beautiful Pimp.

See this fucking live as hell on Friday, May 17 at 285 Kent where he’ll be performing his first full live set in NYC.

Rome Fortune “Get The Guap” (Prod. Dun Deal)

Also, be sure to check the interview with Dazed & Confused (who premiered the video a few minutes ago) and head over to the Fresh Out The Box archives for last week’s phone call with Rome (in which he mentions turning down the beat that then became Rocko‘s “UOENO” and cowboy boots).

End Of Discussion

Rome Fortune and C4 drop this new one out the beautiful spring sky, just because.

Maybe he’ll perform this during his first full live performance in NYC this Friday. He’ll certainly have time to do things both new and old!

Rome Fortune “Know Me” (Prod. C4)

To Save Purity

DJ Holiday + Rome Fortune have a quick sit-down with Hip Hop At Lunch‘s Mike Boyd. Topics include breaking new records on Streetz 94.5, how Holiday got put on to Rome‘s Beautiful Pimp project, the meaning behind the album cover, and working with Scotty.

Kudos to Mike for the mention of Tuesday’s event at Santos Party House (the “Get The Guap” video release party).

Also, in preparation for Tuesday’s release, here is a little preview of what you will get in the “Get The Guap” video.

Caked Up

285-RomeGCTK Flyer




oh yeah. you know that guy from Canada with hair?

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