Beat Walkers On The Reg

Classic Video Music Box “Nervous Thursday” segment with Crazy Sam on the scene of a ’95 Harlem anti-police brutality rally with community leaders, radio personalities, and some of the hip hop’s elite. All of you youngins, don’t get it twisted, the abuse of power and authority by government issued thirstbuckets has always been an issue in the city, just that it’s easier for us to document the atrocities with today’s everyday-carry technology. This is especially golden since last week’s horrendous events, downtown.

Highlights include commentary/points made by: Crazy Sam, Group Home, Smif-N-Wessun, Frankie Cutlass, and Lauryn Hill. Other cats you’ll see and hear from: Jeru Da Damaja, OC, Top Dog (O.G.C.), DJ S&S, Method Man, Cash Money Click (Ja Rule and Irv way before the Def Jam deal), Wyclef, and then some.

I can’t front, some of the rhetoric is on that public access/Two-Fifth Israelite steez (ahem…Jeru…ahem), but that’s what it was at the time. At least cats were willing unify and speak out without the big corporate sponsor shitshow…and many of these people were rap’s posterchildren, at the time. Imagine any one of these popular newfangled rappers, mainstream or street-level, doing something like this without a reality show camera crew. Quoting some ill theories on history and government hierarchy? Never would happen, especially not on any major/daytime media outlet. Even with the freedom of the Internet, these younger MC’s are too caught up in acting like they’re starlets, sharing the spotlight with the headliners of Hot97’s Summer Jam. Fuck outta here. The caliber of character behind the talent is at disgustingly low levels these days.

Part 1

Part 2 (ill bit about Elvis Presley and Method Man on a bus)

Part 3 (Lauryn & Sam vs. Jeru)

Part 4

Part 5

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