“I’m Gonna Die Tonight”

Don’t make MuMMz angry. The god might bring that TRENCH out of the RAP (or bring that ____ out the TRENCH…maaan, the stories heads would never tell you). Straight from the most dimly-lit block in Harlem…yellow tape and all. EP and assorted other things coming soon on Live From The Kitchen/PTP Recordings.

MuMMz “Aerosol” (Prod. Chris Fresh – 808 Mafia)

Shouts to Meaghan at The Fader!

“Your Bitch Like Alotta Sex”

Mummz is not the easiest artist to peg under a single category banner, unless you’re using spread-shot speak like “really real” or “G shit.” He’s like a mix of The Wire‘s Omar and Brother Mouzone in that he may enter or exit through your sixth story window, black-down in hood combat ensemble (durag included), or just casually ring your front doorbell with specks on, holding a rolled up newspaper. Either way, just know that a lot of strategy was put into this special visitation and that the god will never be short of a wild story to tell. Don’t become the next subject to be set to music, as it may just result in something as potent as this dense slice of trench rap over some murky funk provided by Eyes And Teeth. We will be “ooooh’ing” and “ahh’ing” at your misfortune while you are just sittin’ all fucked up. This isn’t your party soundtrack…this is the soundtrack of your party getting violently ran through and yellow-taped.

Mummz “Jooks N Jackals, Act 1” (Prod. Eyes And Teeth)

Triple Layer Cake

Mummz - Back To Da Spot V3-600
Mummz going for the title of Harlem’s hardest with this menacing shit. On paper, when compared to the production of the previous joints on his SoundCloud page, this may seem a bit less “brand new” in the grand scope of it all (or at least by the grip of music we approve push to our beloved public), but the god definitely does not lose his particular chiseling of callous, gloom-kissed, “fuck out my face, or lose yours” rap: especially unique for a Harlemite in this current musical climate of 1-dimensional “swvg swvg swvg”/Kay Slay-mixtape-felon extremism.

We are proud to announce that this one has its own page in the PTP/Live From The Kitchen Recordings catalog.

Mummz “Back To Da Spot” (Prod. OG Taxx of 808 Mafia)

As heard last week on FOTB, but peace to Ad Hoc for the official premiere!

Oracles And She-Devils

Uptown beastman, MUMMZ, put this slice of (NSFW) visual goodness into our world and shows that he’s far from your average cat. Other than Gucci, this is a guy who can wield a sword and not make me think anything other than “holy shit.” Some nocturnal, black magic-infused, “kill a dirty cop” rap…what’s not to like?!

We now present to you, as premiered on Steady Bloggin’, the first video off of the Harlemite’s upcoming debut EP.

MUMMZ “Opening Knell” (Prod. MICRONDIAMOND)

Shout out to all of the PTP family cameos (Alex Steady Bloggin’, Jenna, Boog Nice, Pacman, and Gorgeous Children).

Bonus: The audio, as premiered on Fresh Out The Box last week.

MUMMZ “Opening Knell” (Prod. MICRONDIAMOND)

Respect And A Tec

MUMMZ kidnaps The Block Beattaz-employed gangster lounge ensemble of silky-fingered pianist and rhythm section on a bass binge, and makes them perform in the darkest of alleyway in Harlem. Felonies and fair warning, ahoy!

This appears at a well-timed moment as ST just dropped the video to the original track on Monday. The world needs to hear this beat more…especially when draped with some extravagantly high-in-thread-count, hard-faced, wild life raps. Plus it now perhaps further proves how nice a MUMMZ/2 Lettaz collaboration would sound.

As premiered on last night’s episode of Fresh Out The Box.

MUMMZ “A G A G” (Prod. The Block Beattaz)

Now He Lays With My Destiny

Harlem hard bar writer MUMMZ recently leaked the first of his work with PTP in-house sound maker, Gila Monsta. Yeah, I didn’t even get the email about this…but I DID get to debut it pre-leak on the High Tide 2 mix with Mishka NYC. Short and deathly serious in its point made…do NOT fuck with KUZIN!

MUMMZ “Ain’t About Nothin'” (Prod. Gila Monsta)

Big up my potna dem.

TONIGHT, 3/8/2012: Fresh Out The Box

Troy Ave AND Boldy James?! That’s the type of stuff that can happen if you tune in for another live helping of Fresh Out The Box, tonight. Of course, as always, there will be unadulterated words being thrown, topics being tackled, beer gettin’ dranked, and plenty of #WholesomeRaps.

Listen live via BBOX Radio, 7:30PM – 9:30PM EST

Note will be manning the PTP twitter account during that time; for anyone who got somethin’ slick to say…or if you just want to get into a lengthy discussion about vascular tissue and the properties of corn starch in cold/hot broth.

ALSO: Peep last Thursday’s ep, where we (myself, Note, and Jaime Buddha) rap about coke and baseball, gold fronts, and your favorite rapper’s embarrassing Twitter conduct, while I play non-embarrassing, gold-fronted, baseball and coke rap (maybe not so much on the baseball). Harlem’s own mystical man of rap, Mummz, calls in to shed some light on our competitors…plus raps.

Click to peep the full ep. (#LineForLine)

1. Boldy James – White Dresses (Prod. by Skywlkr)
2. Prodigy – That’s Nasty (Prod. by Havoc)
3. Gangrene – Gladiator Music (Feat. Kool G Rap)
4. Roc Marciano – Golden State (Prod. by Vanderslice)
5. Ka – Iron Age (Feat. Roc Marciano, Prod. by Ka)
6. Gensu Dean – Yen (Feat. Roc Marciano)
7. Styles P & Curren$y – Lean (Feat. Fiend)
8. Boog Nice – Hogan’s Alley (Prod. by Geng-Grizzly)
9. Stalley – Cash And My Cutty
10. DaVinci + Dieselino + Squadda B – Top Shelf
11. The S.L.O. – Can’t Outwork ‘Em (Feat. O’Third)
12. Hefna Gwap – BoBo
13. SpaceGhostPurrp – Tha Black God
14. STS – Great Mood (Feat. ASAP Ferg)
15. Willie The Kid – Goodfellas (Feat. S-Class Sonny)
16. Ka – To Our Name (Prod. by Ka)
17. Raekwon – Liberian Girl
18. Sheek Louch & Ghostface Killah – Trading Places
19. Nesby Phips & Curren$y – Rubenstein Bros.
20. Twista – They Want EFX
21. Action Bronson – Nothin’ To Worry About (Prod. by Party Supplies)
22. Face Vega – Black Lodge
23. Dizzy D – Medicated (Feat. Zilla, Prod. by The Block Beattaz)
24. S.L.A.S.H. – Oxygen (Feat. Bentley & G-Mane, Prod. by The Block Beattaz)
25. Stalley – Volley Express (Feat. Scar, Prod. by The Block Beattaz)
26. Mic Strange – For Sale (Feat. Don Tripp)
27. Freddie Gibbs – Mobbin’
28. Sheefy McFly – Grape Swishers
29. Troy Ave – 40-40
30. King Foe – FOE
31. Western Tink – SummerDonnasLoft
32. Boldy James – Lego & Banco (Feat. Sir Michael Rocks, Prod. by AB From 46th St.)
33. Colours – We Push
34. Prodigy – Lay Low (Feat. French Montana, Prod. by Harry Fraud)
35. Planet Asia – Fuck Rappers (Feat. Willie The Kid)
36. Big K.R.I.T. – Boobie Miles

Believe It Or Not

We at Fresh Out The Box are men of our word. Apparently, the Slow Motion Soundz collective are of a cloth no different. Being back in the Rotten Apple, they parked the Slow Mobile on that special block in Brooklyn and returned to BBOX, as promised. It is always an honor to have our Huntsville, Alabama family back on, this time as both parts of G-Side, Codie G, CP + Mali Boi of The Block Beattaz, and cameraman ATX; they are some incredibly class-A individuals. In an effort to give them a warm hometown “welcome back,” PTP-style, we had plenty of family in the place, including Harlem rap menaces MUMMZ and Boog Nice (added shouts to Alex Steady Bloggin’, CJ, and Commander Black). Not only did this mean our usual brand of on-air, mic royal rumbling during the talk segments, but another epically proportioned freestyle session whilst playing Russian Roulette with Mali Boi’s stash of new beats. This went on for 20+ minutes and was nothing short of NEW LEVELS as ST 2 Lettaz, Yung Clova, MUMMZ, and Boog Nice all traded political views over some amazing production.

Part 1

Part 2


For the full 2-hour FOTB episode, listen here. #HuntsHarlem.

1. Stalley – Midnight Satori (Prod. by The Block Beattaz)
2. Boldy James – Oil Sheen/Grease Monkeys (Feat. Fatboi Fre$h, Prod. by M.Stacks)
3. Face Vega (Gorgeous Children) – Church (Prod. by Clams Casino)
4. Squadda B (Main Attrakionz) – Still Cloudskatin’ (Prod. by Nem270)
5. Main Attrakionz – Oak, CA State Of Mind
6. J Dilla – Dillabot Vs. The Hybrid Alternate Version (Feat. Danny Brown, Prod. by Dilla)
7. Troy Ave – HomeT.E.A.M. (Feat. Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire, Action Bronson, Maffew Ragazino, & Avon Blocksdale)
8. Roc Marciano – Strive
9. Colours – Robbin’
10. Kyze – Back On The Road
11. Youngs Teflon – Da Hanger (Feat. SDG & Mental K, Prod. by Loco)
12. Killer Mike – Brainwashed In London (Prod. by Clams Casino)
13. Killer Mike – Big Beast (Feat. Bun B, T.I., & Trouble, Prod. by El-P)
14. DOPEHead – Jooky
15. Stalley – ’87 Regal (Prod. by The Block Beattaz)
16. G-Side – Spaceships (Feat. 118, Prod. by The Block Beattaz)
17. G-Side – Put Me In The Game (Feat. DJ Cunta, Prod. by The Block Beattaz)
18. SpaceGhostPurrp – Mystical Maze
19. MondreM.A.N. – Impressions
20. Sheefy McFly – Hilfigger (Feat. Boldy James)
21. ScHoolBoy Q – There He Go
22. Tunk – Reportin’ Live
23. Freddie Gibbs – Smash Out
24. Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire – RIP Payso
25. Boog Nice – Legit Crooks (Feat. MUMMZ)
26. G-Side, MUMMZ, & Boog Nice – FOTB Live Huntsville-meets-Harlem Freestyle (Feat. The Block Beattaz on the beats)

Mucho props to G-Side, Codie G, The Block Beattaz, Steady Bloggin’, Chris Herche of Vicarious Music, my KUZOS, and everyone else.

Fresh Out The Box airs every Thursday evening, 7:30PM-9:30PM EST, on BBOX Radio.

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