Oracles And She-Devils

Uptown beastman, MUMMZ, put this slice of (NSFW) visual goodness into our world and shows that he’s far from your average cat. Other than Gucci, this is a guy who can wield a sword and not make me think anything other than “holy shit.” Some nocturnal, black magic-infused, “kill a dirty cop” rap…what’s not to like?!

We now present to you, as premiered on Steady Bloggin’, the first video off of the Harlemite’s upcoming debut EP.

MUMMZ “Opening Knell” (Prod. MICRONDIAMOND)

Shout out to all of the PTP family cameos (Alex Steady Bloggin’, Jenna, Boog Nice, Pacman, and Gorgeous Children).

Bonus: The audio, as premiered on Fresh Out The Box last week.

MUMMZ “Opening Knell” (Prod. MICRONDIAMOND)