Off The Forklift

Resident PTP superproducer, Gila Monsta (of Gorgeous Children fame), dropped this off at the office yesterday morn (the file was somewhat mysteriously named “Trap AYE”). The only thing that could’ve made me surpass my current level of reactionary excitement was the bass-enveloped confirmation that yes, indeed, this was a remix of the Brick Squad adlib-downpour classic…”Make The Trap Say Aye.” And, goddamn, was that previous level surpassed!

Young Gila gave this a twist or two…the traphouse drum kit is still an ever omnipresent force in the rhythm section, just in his own mode of interpretation, while the melody falls somewhere between We Are The Streets era L-O-X and an uplifting passage in a Kitaro song: basically, Styles P would probably rap on this and then be deported to a Siberian prison camp due to the copious amounts of bodies he’d be forced to catch on such new age savagery. In the end, it’s copious amounts of substance being transported/forklifted/flown off…etc. – and we are completely good with that.

OJ Da Juice Man “Make The Trap Say Aye Gila Monsta Remix” (Feat. Gucci Mane, Produced by Gila Monsta)

We had the pleasure of debuting this last night on Fresh Out The Box…plus some other unheard of things from Tree and Hefna Gwap. Do the right thing and hit the FOTB archives for the entire episode + playlist.

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