Like Free Throws

Lil Bibby and Lil Herb are definite proof that they are still pumping some super-music-making potion into Chicago’s water supply.

Bibby‘s Free Crack = August 27.

Lil Bibby “Know That”

The duo join young boss chick Tink on one.

Tink “Kilo” (Feat. Lil Herb & Lil Bibby)

Crazy…that I just stumbled upon this.

Gianni Blu “Crazy” (Feat. King Louie, Lil Bibby, EMP DASME, Prod. Gianni Blu)

GiftzPosition Of Power (with THIS FUCKING MONSTER on it as well) drops August 20.

Giftz “Go” (Feat. Lil Herb, Prod. LoKey)

Tank Full But I’m Runnin’ On E

Windy City Giftz calls on the Chi-Raq general for this single off of the upcoming Position Of Power.

Giftz “Fuck Em All” (Feat. King Louie & Rockie Fresh, Prod. C-Sick)


Louie with a visual accompaniment to his brand new Jeep Music release.

King Louie “Time”

Get Bandz On Repeat

Chiraq Louie just dropped this new one. Get it if you know what is good in life.

Fill your world with Jeep Music

Real Is My Job

Louie with another freebie before dropping Jeep Music later today.

King Louie “Tom Ford”


Louie is about to drop his Jeep Music EP. Cool.

King Louie “Hang Wit Me”

Get Away From Here

King Louie posts up in a shade of complete-and-utter-arrogance as this sinister piece unravels with tales of drug love and gun play. Broooooood (even with tags)!!!

King Louie “Stay Stoned” (Feat. Doc & Jeff, Prod. TGM Beats)

Like An Artery

King Louie just wants to live a simple, good life. This is the perfect score to those summer days/nights.

King Louie “I Just Wanna” (Prod. Cryptonite)

Bonus: More Mach Madness visuals.

King Louie “Money Power Respect”

Hella Bands

King Louie, French, and Gotti have a dance-a-thon (coincidentally, there is another money dance going on elsewhere today).

King Louie “Money Dance Remix” (Feat. Yo Gotti & French Montana, Prod. DGainz)

Dope Smoke

King Louie with another visual from his March Madness flooding. One of the stronger of the bunch.

King Louie “Roll Up The Dope”

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