Bruce Leroy Glow

Brownsville’s Maffew Ragazino does a Warriors‘esque trek to the BX to give his murderous In Flex We Trust freestyle a worthy visual treatment.

“On The Run IFWT Freestyle”

Hang ‘Em To Air Dry

Maffew gets his shine on Flex‘s list a day after his BK bredren. Once again, another classic beat slain.

Maffew Ragazino “On The Run Freestyle”

All In My Sock Drawer

Troy Ave records two freestyles over some classic BQE material to celebrate his addition to Funk Flex20 To Watch For 2012 list. Son catches somethin’ over that HNIC shit.

Troy Ave “Keep It Thoro Freestyle”

Troy Ave “Ain’t No Half Steppin’ Freestyle”

Started Scrapin’

BK’s Troy Ave does a little throwback stee for Flex. No bombs here…just bars…over a super-classic RZA production at that.

Troy Ave “Liquid Swords Freestyle”

Is it me, or does he sound just like a young (Murda) Ma$e (C.O.C./C.O.T.C.-era) mixed with a young 50? Okay, people used to say that Ma$e shit about 50…so forget the part about Curtis and just think back to McGruff‘s “Reppin’ Uptown” (a joint that floods my mind with only fond memories of raiding the crates at Rock & Soul for weekly bootlegs/white labels, while rockin’ tan fatigues with a garbage-bag-FAT dime of Hawaiian skunk or Chocolate in the cargo pocket, Vasque Skywalks, and a Polo rugby…with, of course, a Stretch & Bob tape in my walkman).

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