File For Custody

Action Bronson dropped by Flex‘s show to drop some rappings on em. His next project Saab Stories is out June 11th, fully produced by Harry Fraud.

Action Bronston “Hot 97 Freestyle”

Fish For Cheap

French‘s 1/4 cover (mostly due to Fraud‘s resampling) of Jay‘s debut album classic. Definitely one of my favorite performances by the Coke Boys CEO in recent memory. Mac & Cheese 3 still gets spins in the whip thing.

French Montana “State Of Mind” (Prod. Harry Fraud)


French Montana dropped visuals for his track originally just titled “Intro” on his latest mixtape, Mac N Cheese 3. Grab the mixtape here. The beat’s produced by Harry Fraud, arguably his best contribution to the project.

French Montana “Only If For a Night” (AKA “Intro”, Prod. Harry Fraud)

If It Could Be Sold

Spitta continuing right off of the last one from Cigarette Boats.

“Biscayne Bay” (Produced by Harry Fraud)

Still Roarin’

Main Attrakionz and DaVinci hit the dock (of the bay…nyuck nyuck) and meet Harry Fraud hopping out of his cigarette boat.

“Do It For The Yay” (Feat. DaVinci, Produced by Harry Fraud)

Protect My Rims

Spitta and Paniro do exactly what you do when listening to this. Off the excellent Cigarette Boats EP.

“WOH” (Feat. Styles P, Produced by Harry Fraud)

Bonus: An unreleased Curren$y gem from a whiiiile back. Props to DGB.

Curren$y “Go Crazy” (Produced by Sarom)

Consider Tryin’ Women

Spitta Andretti and Harry Fraud‘s opener to their contribution to yacht rap, Cigarette Boats (no halfway pun).

“Leaving The Dock” (Produced by Harry Fraud)

Fuck My Fame Up

Main Attrakionz and fellow Yay Area repper DaVinci make something special happen for their area. Bossalinis & Foolyones coming October 22nd.

Main Attrakionz “Do It For The Yay” (Feat. DaVinci, Produced by Harry Fraud)

Props Steady Bloggin’ for the OG song title.

Straight To The Ceiling

Curren$y and Harry Fraud have prepared a seasonally-appropriate gem of an EP. Straight up Ferrari by the water, yacht rap elegance. To be honest, this is probably some of the most effective production I’ve ever heard by Fraud…perhaps partly due to the apparent chemistry between the two, as Spitta has proven himself to be no slouch when it comes to understanding the grand scheme of channeling a specific feel. Adding this to 2012’s top quality releases, right next to Stoned Immaculate, without hesitation.

Cigarette Boats

Scooped Straight

With the summer comes a change of the usual routine. For us PTP guys, that means not getting everything up to the readers on time (cause we enjoy the real world ‘n shit) and for Meyhem Lauren — that equates to recording a whole mixtape in a few days while taking breaks from performances at SXSW. Behold the emcee’s latest release, Respect the Fly Shit. The tape features all of the production coming from Harry Fraud and Tommy Mas. And a gang of guest rhymers including Roc Marciano, Action Bronson, Despot, AG Da Coroner, Smoke DZA, and the list goes on.

Grab this tape.

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