Fuck Ya Release Date

Gunplay released a visual off his Acquitted tape that — scoop that (no DJ version). Do your life a favor and catch dude’s show if you ever have the opportunity.

Gunplay “Drop Da Tint”

Look Like A Confrontation

Gunplay gets more airtime courtesy of Lil Scrappy. Thank you Lil Scrappy.

Lil Scrappy “Complicated” (Feat. Gunplay)

Your Name Up On That Wall Tonight

Katie and Gunplay with a beautiful duet. TUFF.

Katie Got Bandz “Ya’ll Niggaz Ain’t Hittaz (Feat. Gunplay, Prod. Block On Da Trakk)

Like Rubick’s

New Gunplay guest verse. The video starts off as a behind the scenes type of thing, featuring some entertaining antics by Mr. Don Logan himself, but if it’s rap you’re looking for, click here to save yourself some time.

Lil Hot “Da Plug” (Feat. Gunplay)

Mob Tied Hoodlums


Gunplay dropped his mixtape Acquitted and continues to display versatility on slower melodic joints and tough darker cuts. Your boy Young Scooter also shows up on a track.

The tape was released just in time for his next show in NYC on Wednesday, June 12th at SOB’s. Get tickets and grab the tape.

Lotsa Stains

Screen shot 2013-06-05 at 11.02.50 PM

Gunplay fans rejoice. The homie over at Lattisaw Tapes has compiled a lot of his guest appearances into an easy to scoop format. Check the tracklist below and download that. Also, check the recent story/interview Grantland did on Mr. Jupiter Jack.

“Gunplay” (Deeper Than Rap; 2009)
“On My Way” (Victory; 2010)
“Sell Out Everything” (Return of a St. Lunatic; 2010)
“Don’t Let Me Go” (Self Made Vol. 1; 2011)
“Pacman Remix” (The Diagnosis; 2011)
“Cartoon & Cereal” (Internet; 2012)
“Slow Down” (U.F.O. Vol. 2; 2012)
“You Gotta Pay Me Remix” (Internet; 2012)
“Hammer Time” (On the Grind; 2012)
“Talk to ‘Em” (Crack on Steroids; 2012)
“I Sell” (Cook Muzik 2; 2012)
“Put Yourself In My Position” (No Air Conditioning; 2012)
“Forgive Me” (No Air Conditioning; 2012)
“Got Damn Remix” (No Air Conditioning; 2012)
“Power Circle” (Self Made Vol. 2; 2012)
“Black on Black” (Self Made Vol 2; 2012)
“Beam” (Back 2 Business; 2012)
“Coke & White Bitches: Chapter 2” (Lords Never Worry; 2012)
“Excuse Me” (The Return of the Gate Keeper; 2012)
“I’m A Shooter” (The Gift of Discernment; 2012)
“Ain’t No Way” (Internet; 2012)
“Hunnid Bandz” (Internet; 2012)
“Clique” (The Black Bar Mitzvah; 2012)
“Bible on the Dash” (106 & Snort; 2012)
“Smoking Good Remix” (Internet; 2013)
“I Got It” (Every Life Has An Ending; 2013)
“Vanilla Texture Remix” (Internet; 2013)
“Ghetto Symphony” (Long Live A$AP; 2013)
“Ball Remix” (Internet; 2013)
“Whip Push” (Vol. 3: Miami Heat Baller Blockin’ Edition; 2013)
“55” (Slime Flu 3; 2013)
“Violent Music Remix” (Grown Man Hip Hop Part 2; 2013)
“Good Alcohol” (Young Nigga Old Soul; 2013)
“Blame It on the System” (Blame It on the System; 2013)
“My Last Molly Song Ever, I Promise” (The Separation; 2013)
“Beat the Shit” (I Am Not a Human Being II; 2013)
“Pussy” (Owl Pharoah; 2013)
“Drive By” (Tax Season; 2013)
“Not Enough Real Niggas Left” (Not Enough Real Niggas Left 2; 2013)
“Yall Niggaz Aint Hittaz Remix” (Project Drillary Clinton; 2013)
“Rolling” (The Birthday Tape; 2013)

Don’t Forget The Beaker

Everyone probably knows that DJ Scream is pretty much plugged with all of cool rappers with Southern accents (he IS the plug for most of us). When he releases a compilation project, we listen. Has plenty of our favorites including Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka, Project Pat (these three are on the SAME song), Gunplay, Future, Migos, and more…plus a scary roster of only supreme hitters on the boards.

Get The Ratchet Superior EP

C.O.D. I Got No Trust

Gunplay with cinematics to his most recent “mixtape anthem.”

Gunplay “Bible On The Dash”

A Mobster, A Monster

Gunplay with another menacing anthem. He’s really in his element here and, as per usual, there are too many lines to quote.

Gunplay “Pyrex”

To The Mountain Lions

Gunplay and Fredo get paired with some VERY unlikely folks, otherwise.

Travis Scott “Pussy” (Feat. Gunplay, Fredo Santana & Chuck Inglish)

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