Riding Through The Trench

Here marks the day on which Gorgeous Children unleashed ICE. I will say no more because you will do the rest.

Behold. ICE!

Purple Tapes Out The White Benz

Gorgeous Children + Blade Runner + the finest things. The family tree is at colossal status and heads are feeling mighty proud to stand round such prodigal soil. ICE out in a couple of weeks. #Sourboyz tour coming soon.

Gorgeous Children “Sour” (Prod. by Gila Monsta)

Special thanks to FACT

Hell Hath No Fury

Those crazy GC kids are back with another one before they touch down once again in these New York streets tomorrow to hit Fresh Out The Box, and then to conquer Brooklyn’s 285 Kent this weekend. Nothing rare here except for the actual ingredients utilized in their standard formula of successfully pushing an uncompromising sound passed all tangible limits. My god. These guys don’t settle down and this new smokey jazz vibe got the girls screaming louder. ICE en route.

Seriously, catch Gila doing his very first DJ/beat set in NYC this Friday at 285 Kent (at the PTP rap party, alongside Rome Fortune, resident selectors Mr. Whoa Whoa and myself, and some guy named Thomas)…then come back again to see them rock their first set together, ever.

Gorgeous Children “Liberace Gems” (Prod. Gila Monsta)

As premiered by Noisey

Caked Up

285-RomeGCTK Flyer




oh yeah. you know that guy from Canada with hair?

Off The Zima

So one night, Face Vega and Gila Monsta stroll into a smokey jazz club pocketed within a Parisian back block. The clothes were ashed in black, the glasses filled with royal armor amber liquid, and the spot’s clientele posed united in metronomic sway to every swell of the bass line. While seated, the duo could feel their skeletons continuously stung by a lustful quartet of bloody eyes a few tables away. A good 30 ticks on the timepiece later, a silent conversation between four adults suddenly splintered into minute shards of revelation as the bartender let out a disembodying yell, “ICE!”

Gorgeous Children “Costly Bottle” (Prod. Gila Monsta)


Gila Monsta is quickly mastering the next chapter of his already-patented murky cave pond-meets-the TR-808, as evidenced within this instrumental (i.e. an apparent heightening of style in regard to important details such as the sub-bass and the various hi-hats). Leave it up to the young god to take you from a horrifying monk drone to some beautiful, cascading light show in a future city skyline. Expect to see the new Gorgeous Children EP, Ice, in a week or so.

Gila Monsta “Bone Marrow Brain Washing”

As premiered on Portal Music.

Pop The Cherry Doors

We are so fucking proud and ecstatic right now…this announcement…maaaaan….Gorgeous Children have returned! I’m not going to say much other than this was originally entitled “RAF Limo”…and that we debuted this to a lot of heavy heads a few weeks ago on Fresh Out The Box (in other words, you’re fucking up if you aren’t tuning in every Thursday). It’s dark and cold outside…why not match that tone sonically (perhaps paired with some drugs and whatever you self-annihialtion types indulge in on evenings)? Either way, the new GC EP drops at the end of the month…be ready.

Gorgeous Children “Slummer” (Prod. Gila Monsta)

Heaven To A Fool

Gorgeous Children are HERE…completely! What does that mean to you and the rest of the innocent world (I meant that…because when compared to some of this, the world seems tame as a lone Jenga piece that fell behind the couch)? Have you ever seen the religious hallucination scene in Altered States with the fast clouds and the kaleidoscopic eye goat and the seemingly forced-upon sex atop stone podium to the circle of swelling brass lungs? This is the audio version of that, but just on mind benders. Face Vega plays the sadistic bandit running around with curved blade in-hand, opening beastly throats by which to fill his arsenal of double cups. He sits in his lucid kingdom with one hand outstretched to charred tokens of deism, the other palming the pink’ish wig-mess of an unclothed, female Fashion Institute drop-out as she gingerly cleans a set of rose gold fronts. Gila Monsta posts in front with long shirttails, but instead of a frightening set of blaring horns, he applies math and science to marrying off distortion and nougatine slabs of bass. The end result, after 12 ultra-vivid scenes, is a feeling of beyond truth (something like reading an entire Dr. Bronner’s label). Floatation tank rap.

This also marks the first official full-length release from the PTP chamber of talent, and we’re damned proud of Face and Gila, our younger god dem.

Presenting Gorgeous Children

In case you missed it, or just want an easy link to watching it again, follow through to GC‘s “Grassnlean Dreams” video.

Cause The Dollar Too Weak

Gorgeous Children unchamber another murky piece of colorful drug rap (no pun?). Multilayered drums, multilayered phrases. Phil CollinsGenesis‘esque synths, Phil Collins‘esque (in his prime) lavish lifestyle imagery. Dark, but still with a tongue-in-cheek glow right as things start seeming a little too close for comfort. All I know is this shit has us wanting to leak more of the self-titled album before it’s proposed 10/17 release date (and we don’t even have ALL of it yet).

Gorgeous Children “Olive Skin” (Produced by Gila Monsta)

And if you haven’t already been thought-fucked by the previous worldly contribution from those GC cats, peep the video to “Grassnlean Dreams.”

Those Kids Is Done

PTP proudly presents to you Gorgeous Children‘s “Grassnlean Dreams” – the first video off of their S/T debut album (due out in October). When the talks of premiering this came about, there was only non-hesitation from our end as we’ve thoroughly relished the music (evidenced on a number of Fresh Out The Box episodes), and have eagerly watched both Face Vega and Gila Monsta grow in their respective areas of expertise (as well as in “unit” form). There’s something completely exceptional within the GC styrofoam food trough formula…inebriated, turbulent, and densely layered in every which way. Kudos to the visual staff Max Gardner (Director), Noah Emrich (Camera), Ruthie Levy (Creative Producer), Alex Knapp (Assistant Director), and Cameron McLeod (Lighting Tech) for translating such a raucous mass of youth noise into moving images.

Slight warning: there is some blood and nudity… not quite only built 4 workplaces.

“Grassnlean Dreams” (Produced by Gila Monsta, Directed by Max Gardner)

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