24 Hours A Day…

In an effort to increase our output in the area of new (quality) joints (which inevitably means sifting through a lot of the muck that finds its way online), I stumbled upon this…late last night (hence the title of the post, also it’s a quote from the song…youknowhowedo). A great first impression as I’ve never before heard of the kid Maffew Ragazino. Ski really laced him with some dusty organ heatrock. Enjoy.

“Rare Gems” (Produced by Ski Beatz)

Though I’ve only been able to peep the above posted joint, but I’m gonna go on record and endorse anyway…the cat is nice. In a world of newfangled “swagger hop”…the shit that keeps me from checking most of this popular blog stuff…where rappers show a little too much of someone else’s style and over-pronounce words with silly voices (plus rely heavily on plaid flannel shirts in an attempt to seem “alternative”), I gladly give the open-armed welcome to Maffew’s brass tacks mic presence (or delivery) (ayo). He seems to be balanced in his ways…intellectualizing his street edge only through strung-together wordplay and stray references. No excess or other type garbage here. I like that.

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