Riding Through The Trench

Here marks the day on which Gorgeous Children unleashed ICE. I will say no more because you will do the rest.

Behold. ICE!

Purple Tapes Out The White Benz

Gorgeous Children + Blade Runner + the finest things. The family tree is at colossal status and heads are feeling mighty proud to stand round such prodigal soil. ICE out in a couple of weeks. #Sourboyz tour coming soon.

Gorgeous Children “Sour” (Prod. by Gila Monsta)

Special thanks to FACT


You think I don’t give a fuck b?! GILA MONSTA REALLY DON’T GIVE A FUCK THOUGH. THIS GUY IS PUSHING THE TRENCH SOUND WITH SECRET OF MANA TYPE ORCHESTRAL UNITS AT THE HELM ON THIS. You wanna be smart? Listen to my partna dem and anxiously await his upcoming instrumental album on Type Records (as well as the very soon dropping new Gorgeous Children EP, ICE).

Gila Monsta “Switchinupposition”

Exercised, But My Demons Stayed

If there are eight million stories in the naked city, it’s said that the average New York City Harlemite (born and raised) would have to live multiple lifetimes in order to empty the memory banks in a complete retelling. Now imagine if we apply that theory to a not-so-average resident of “above 96th street” (AND across 110th, for that matter)? A kid who grew up on cartoons, comic books, and the original “crack era” uptown, to say the least. Enter the longest running inhabitant of our rap Danger Room, Boog Nice aka Harlem Boog. While stalwart and turbulent in form, this first release off of his upcoming Night Terrors EP is only a mere single page from his book of memoirs. A sample handed to the listener so as to jump start realization that the future work, grown with personal accounts then doused in a mist of paranoia and cynicism, speaks for itself.

Also, if this simultaneously scares the backpack off of any nearby “true schoolers” and shoots holes through the transporter Louis luggage of any nearby street corner rap cat, blame the unrelenting combo of our friend from Harlem and one half of Gorgeous Children.

This is what a PTP camp fire huddle sounds like.

The Night Terrors EP drops late summer (produced entirely by PTP‘s own MONEYDVNCE and GILA MONSTA).

Boog Nice “Face Palm” (Prod. GILA MONSTA)

As premiered last week on Fresh Out The Box. Also shouts to Steady Bloggin’ for being a master of the Internet.

Hell Hath No Fury

Those crazy GC kids are back with another one before they touch down once again in these New York streets tomorrow to hit Fresh Out The Box, and then to conquer Brooklyn’s 285 Kent this weekend. Nothing rare here except for the actual ingredients utilized in their standard formula of successfully pushing an uncompromising sound passed all tangible limits. My god. These guys don’t settle down and this new smokey jazz vibe got the girls screaming louder. ICE en route.

Seriously, catch Gila doing his very first DJ/beat set in NYC this Friday at 285 Kent (at the PTP rap party, alongside Rome Fortune, resident selectors Mr. Whoa Whoa and myself, and some guy named Thomas)…then come back again to see them rock their first set together, ever.

Gorgeous Children “Liberace Gems” (Prod. Gila Monsta)

As premiered by Noisey

Caked Up

285-RomeGCTK Flyer




oh yeah. you know that guy from Canada with hair?


Gila Monsta is quickly mastering the next chapter of his already-patented murky cave pond-meets-the TR-808, as evidenced within this instrumental (i.e. an apparent heightening of style in regard to important details such as the sub-bass and the various hi-hats). Leave it up to the young god to take you from a horrifying monk drone to some beautiful, cascading light show in a future city skyline. Expect to see the new Gorgeous Children EP, Ice, in a week or so.

Gila Monsta “Bone Marrow Brain Washing”

As premiered on Portal Music.

Pop The Cherry Doors

We are so fucking proud and ecstatic right now…this announcement…maaaaan….Gorgeous Children have returned! I’m not going to say much other than this was originally entitled “RAF Limo”…and that we debuted this to a lot of heavy heads a few weeks ago on Fresh Out The Box (in other words, you’re fucking up if you aren’t tuning in every Thursday). It’s dark and cold outside…why not match that tone sonically (perhaps paired with some drugs and whatever you self-annihialtion types indulge in on evenings)? Either way, the new GC EP drops at the end of the month…be ready.

Gorgeous Children “Slummer” (Prod. Gila Monsta)

Now He Lays With My Destiny

Harlem hard bar writer MUMMZ recently leaked the first of his work with PTP in-house sound maker, Gila Monsta. Yeah, I didn’t even get the email about this…but I DID get to debut it pre-leak on the High Tide 2 mix with Mishka NYC. Short and deathly serious in its point made…do NOT fuck with KUZIN!

MUMMZ “Ain’t About Nothin'” (Prod. Gila Monsta)

Big up my potna dem.

Off The Forklift

Resident PTP superproducer, Gila Monsta (of Gorgeous Children fame), dropped this off at the office yesterday morn (the file was somewhat mysteriously named “Trap AYE”). The only thing that could’ve made me surpass my current level of reactionary excitement was the bass-enveloped confirmation that yes, indeed, this was a remix of the Brick Squad adlib-downpour classic…”Make The Trap Say Aye.” And, goddamn, was that previous level surpassed!

Young Gila gave this a twist or two…the traphouse drum kit is still an ever omnipresent force in the rhythm section, just in his own mode of interpretation, while the melody falls somewhere between We Are The Streets era L-O-X and an uplifting passage in a Kitaro song: basically, Styles P would probably rap on this and then be deported to a Siberian prison camp due to the copious amounts of bodies he’d be forced to catch on such new age savagery. In the end, it’s copious amounts of substance being transported/forklifted/flown off…etc. – and we are completely good with that.

OJ Da Juice Man “Make The Trap Say Aye Gila Monsta Remix” (Feat. Gucci Mane, Produced by Gila Monsta)

We had the pleasure of debuting this last night on Fresh Out The Box…plus some other unheard of things from Tree and Hefna Gwap. Do the right thing and hit the FOTB archives for the entire episode + playlist.

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