Steady Bloggin’ and PTP presented this a few warm months back, live on Fresh Out The Box. It’s October and it is still warm outside (80-something degrees warm). That means you can still fire up the yacht, grab up the plushest of lightweight robing, a bottle of the finest brown water, a bag of jet fuel, and bump this shit while you wait for the upcoming Third Looks and TechSpec mixes by us.

Get Yacht Rap II: Nighttime Vultures

That’s Gonna Be One Hell Of An Evening

DWMS2 - Flyer V3
Tommy Kruise, GrandeMarshall, and Yung Gleesh in one night? At the same PARTY? Shouldn’t have given us the keys to 285 Kent on Saturday, July 13.

You read that all correctly. This is a party, not a rap show. Come through early for the live raps by GM and Gleesh, stay late for all of the ignorant bass and special sets played by Tommy, Mista Whoa Whoa, Dirty Glove‘s Farrington G, and myself (might even have a few MONEYDVNCE exclusives to premier on stage). Watch the strange visuals by Note and get flicked while gathering life advice from Rocky of Third Looks.

This just so happens to go on at the tail end of AGENDA week, so yeah… get a discounted ticket in advance over here.

More info.

Caked Up

285-RomeGCTK Flyer




oh yeah. you know that guy from Canada with hair?

Alotta Money On The Floor

Rome Fortune will be back in NYC next week to dance among wolves, again. This time, it will be to celebrate the premiere of his new video, “Get The Guap” (off of the high-hailed Beautiful Pimp). The festivities take place on May 7th, with free booze to boot, courtesy of 1200Squad and Electric Circus.
There will be an after party at Santos Party House with DJ sets by Childish Major (Mr. U.O.E.N.O.), Skinny Friedman, and myself…(and more free booze). Perhaps a special guest or two as well?

If you have not yet listened to Beautiful Pimp on repeat, get it before it isn’t available for free anymore.

Also, do check sir Rome out on this recent Heroes X Villains + Stooki Sound collaborative track (for Adidas, no less). Different (for Rome), but quite strong stuff all around.

Heroes X Villains & Stooki Sound “Today” (Feat. Rome Fortune)

Time To Die

The almighty Black Sabbath were allegedly group drugged (involuntarily) by drinking from a communal punchbowl in an Oslo hotel bar and taken to a subterranean laboratory (under a log cabin, obviously) embedded deep in the darkened layers of Norwegian forestry. This was where the extraction of their respective DNA took place, followed by a rinsing with various active chemicals of the most potent in mind-altering substances on the planet. The plan was to place this concoction into an organic microchip implant, thus ushering in a wave of death proof superhumans, but alas, technological resources were just too meager at the time.

Cut forward some decades to December 2012…perhaps the last week of any December, ever. After a series of set-backs and plenty of mind gouging epiphanies, I find no better time than 9pm on the 17th day of the month to make my attempt at interpreting the legendary Sabbath-DNA-meets-drugs-and-digital-age formula for world domination. I brought along my potna dem, Alex of Steady Bloggin’, to help host this venture as he has been one of the most active and forward-thinking purveyors of projects directly taking after DJ Screw‘s style of music play. I wanted to pay my respects by creating this mix primarily on turntable and mixer, to keep it as human as possible (as the featured musicians were also playing live – not quantized machinery).

Without anymore sleep-deprived banter spewed, PTP and Steady Bloggin’ are fucking delighted to present this collage of heavy metal sludge omnipotence with a Houston, Texas lean (no pun?). All we ask is that you enjoy this responsibly and watch out for those portals that may open up.

Start Screwing Yourself To Live

Huge thanks to Alex, John Turner Jr., and Gila Monsta for believing in this enough to have invested their own time and talent into it.

Found Out What It Means To Be Believed

Black Sabbath through the eyes of some mad men. We are proud to unveil this two-song pack of heavy metal god shit, all chopped-and-slowed, as the first single to the upcoming Screwing Yourself To Live project between us and Steady Bloggin’. An experiment in sludge and stonerism. Expect to see that on 12/12/12.

Go get “A National Acrobat” b/w “Sleeping Village”

Peep the video the god whipped up to “Sleeping Village.”

Big up John Turner Jr. for the cover art and Alex for the overseeing.

In The Sky

Attention Black Sabbath heads, weed heads, drank heads, and those who just fancy their music mega heavy and slow, PTP and Steady Bloggin’ got some shit in the pyrex for you! It is officially #FridayBLACKESTFriday …so that means we premier the first taste of our “best of” tribute to the aforementioned “most important band ever”…in trippy visual form, no less. Screwing Yourself To Live, probably also a first step into something that could be called SludgeWave*, drops 12/12/12 (think 6/6/06…just stretched and doubled…or something) via this site and that site. The music of Sabbath will be treated and mixed together by yours truly, overseen by the homey Alex, while John Turner Jr. handles the artwork. This is going to make some lean and loud pushers quite rich.

Black Sabbath “Sleeping Village” (Chopped & Slowed)

I threw this video together this afternoon…yeah.

*I dunno…think heavy metal given the Texas chopped & screwed treatment.

Highly Highly Wavey

Third time’s the charm? Whatever…Mishka x PTP workin’ work again. This ting so slick, I didn’t even know it dropped the other day!

Mishka NYC x Purple Tape Pedigree present High Tide Vol. 3 (mixed by Geng-Grizzly)

1. Aaron Cohen – What You Done For Me Lately? (Feat. Supa Sortahuman, Prod. by L.W. Hodge)
2. Neema & Keyboard Kid – Cigar Room Intro
4. GrandeMarshall – Jeezy Voice (Intrld) (Produced by SamGreenS, Manny Wit Da Beats & GrandeMarshall)
5. A$ton Matthews – Latino Heat (Feat. Bodega Bamz)
6. Trinidad Jame$ & Go Dreamer – Who’s Jokin (Prod. by The Flush Music)
7. Rome Fortune – Cocaine Present 2 (Feat. Trinidad Jame$, Prod. by Ceej)
8. Gorgeous Children – Olive Skin (Prod. by Gila Monsta)
9. Purity Ring – Belispeak II (Feat. Danny Brown)
10. Roc Marciano – I Shot The King (Prod. by Roc Marciano)
11. Goldie Glo & Dallas Tha Kid – Terror Draft
12. Western Tink – Ace Boogie
13. Shadowrunners – Big Wave Massacre
14. Joe Blow – Time Ain’t Money
15. Supreme Cuts & Haleek Maul – Hoverboard (Feat. Squadda B, Prod. by Supreme Cuts)
16. CAS – 3.6
17. Armstrong – Suicide Life (Feat. Eldorado Red , Prod. by Kay Terry)
18. Young Scooter – Truck Loads
19. Dem Franchize Boyz – Lean Wit It Zen Slap Remix (Prod. by Gila Monsta)
20. Dizzy D – Too Fly (Feat. Supa Sortahuman)
21. Gunplay – Rap Sheet
22. Freddie Gibbs – Breaking Bad (Feat. Ea$y Money)
23. Bentley – Lil Beezy
24. ETHELWULF – Phuck The Bullshit (Prod. by DJ Smokey)
25. Mallie – Shoot Me Down (Prod. by BK Beats & PBZ)
26. Deniro Farrar & Shady Blaze – Stayin’ Alive (Feat. Tree, Prod. by Tree)

Shouts to Zach G, Mikhail, and the rest of the Mishka NYC fam…plus all of the artists who appear on this and help make High Tide THAT wave to catch every month.

Bout It, Bout it

This Saturday, we’re back at DROM for Bout That Life (an extension of our Trap Rap Friday series). Unlike the past #TRF parties, this one will be FREE ALL NIGHT. Much like the past #TRF parties, we will have a night set to a heavyweight pummeling of top-tier trap rap spun by the hands behind NYC’s first official trap rap party: the #NYTC (New York Trap Coalition) = KDS (of Ballers Eve fame), Farrington G (of DGB/Bedford-LaBrea-&-Biscayne fame), and myself (of here and here fame).

Also, much like the past #TRF parties, we will have a special guest for the evening: Troy Ave.

It’s going to be extra celebratory for our potna dem Farrington‘s bornday…so come out cause you’ve earned it for yourself.


Another Mishka x PTP presentation. The second installment of our co-curated, monthly mix series, High Tide, focusing on some of the day’s most potent raps and the artists behind them.

This month we have a spotlight on Himself The Majestic plus a few PTP thugsclusives by Gorgeous Children (Face Vega and Gila Monsta) and Harlem’s own MUMMZ…amidst a sea of A1 trap shit and other completely wholesome rap stylings. Download away and blast this.

Mishka NYC x Purple Tape Pedigree present High Tide Vol. 2 (mixed by Geng-Grizzly)

1. Himself The Majestic – Freaky Hoe (Prod. by DJ Sex Play)
2. Fiend – Wonderful (Feat. Curren$y)
3. Squadda B – Deep Cover (Greenova)
4. Bill Ding – Hey Ya’ll (Prod. by Amaze88)
5. Gunplay – Take This
6. DaVinci – MYOB (Feat. Freddie Gibbs, Prod. by Al Jieh)
7. Himself The Majestic – Glass Meteors (Prod. by Fresh Galaxy)
8. DCxDCxDC – Silver Surfer (Feat. Himself The Majestic, Prod. by Keyboard Kid)
9. Gene The Southern Child – Viewer Discretion Advised (Prod. by Parallel Thought)
10. Troy Ave – De FACTO (Prod. by Lavish)
11. Cas – Spaced
12. Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire – The Kosmos Pt. 7: The Explanation (Prod. by The Alchemist)
13. MondreM.A.N. – Why Love (Prod. by Nem270)
14. Supreme Cuts & Haleek Maul – The Dummy (Feat. Deniro Ferrar, Prod. by Supreme Cuts)
15. Gorgeous Children – Polar Clips (Prod. by Gila Monsta)
16. MUMMZ – Ain’t About Nuthin’ (Prod. by Gila Monsta)
17. King Louie – Sneak Disser
18. Gucci Mane – El Chapo (Prod. by Zaytoven)
19. Young Scooter – Colombia
20. Young Scooter – Smoke Alarm (Prod. by Southside)
21. Starlito – Lurking (Prod. by Southside)
22. Fat Trel – My Type of Party
23. GrandeMarshall – 2-3 Shidd (Prod. by .L.W.H.)
24. ASAP Rocky & ASAP Ant – Bath Salt (Feat. Flatbush Zombies)
25. Tree – Dat Chevy (Prod. by Tree)
26. Eldorado Red – Drug Dealer Hip-Hop
27. Dark Sister – Take Me Down
28. Left Leberra – Refresh (Feat. Stash Marina)
29. Zachg – Losin Sleep Peace (Feat. Himself The Majestic & Western Tink)

Thanks to all who’ve been showing so much love since Vol. 1! Once again, thanks to our Mishka NYC fam (Zach G, Nick Vogt, Mikhail, Whole Milk, Pool Captain, and the rest)…til next month.

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