Tilt The Bucket

GrandeMarshall and A-Trak stop by Toca Tuesdays. Bars ahoy.

Free Spirit, Free Mind

Future and TNGHT sit down in a special edition of Pitchfork’s Selector (rare to have both the rapper and producer(s) featured…at the same damn time…sorry…but it HAS happened one other time). The astronaut speaks about his next album, his approach to writing and Dungeon Family influence (or lack thereof), and working alongside Mike WiLL (how he is a “real producer”). Lunice and Hudson Mohawke then speak on their creative process, collaborating with/producing for rappers, and things related.

He’s Never Starvin’

Fat Trel gets the Pain In Da Ass stamp of rap approval after a live freestyle.

Out In Vegas On Parole

A State Prop semi-reunion is better than plenty reunions. Live freestyle over at Power 105 the other day. This is just further proof to the fool-proof’ness of a new group project with PA neighbor Jahlil Beats behind every track. Kudos to DJ Self for throwing on “Worldwide” as well.

Bonus: Add Bleek and a mean Jake One beat?

Freeway, Neef Buck, Young Chris, Memphis Bleek, Peedi Crakk & Pain In Da Ass “Roc Reloaded” (Prod. by Jake One)

New Pill Called “Kill Yourself”

Trinidad‘s enters the yacht (rap).

Trinidad Jame$ “My Type Of Party Freestyle”

Big up Fang for the photo.

Two Colombians Found Me

The Chef over a cook-out classic? Sounds like big rap time.

Raekwon “Don’t Look Any Further”

B.I.G. Jumped Out The Closet

Beans is still in his bag/on his twist/blackin’…over a classic break, no less. I heard other Philly rappers are in the full version …but really, after having THIS verse…I don’t want to hear the rest.

Clam Chowder

The Bruiser Brigade be all up on they WCW wave at Gleason’s Gym. Oh yeah…the beat selection consists of Silky Johnson and “Mike Will” (whom I believe is THAT Mike WiLLMade It).

In all seriousness, it’s cool to see the genuine enthusiasm in Brown as he sits back to let his (self-proclaimed) “mutants” go in. Reminds me of the time Jay first brought State Property and whatever-Bleek-and-H-Money-Bags-called-themselves to Hot 97. These days, most artists who’ve experienced such recent success through a string of solo endeavors, I feel, would still try everything slick to post up in the front of the group photo. Here, it seems an unadulterated air of equality exists throughout this group.

Maaaaan, they RAP…on the other beat. Shit is quoteables and antics for days.

Bonus: Not nearly as entertaining as the above-posted videos…but it’s new Brown bars. This just makes me wish Camu TAO and him could have shared track time together though.

Mhz Legacy “Spaceship” (Feat. Danny Brown, Produced by Harry Fraud)

Why Do You Think It Sucks?

Despot and El-P go through the Pitchfork Selector wash process. They make rap happen over a rather tuff sounding country rap tune beat…titled “Harlem Shake” (?????????). Despot, a noted modern dance historian, will tell you why that makes sense and why there is a sense of urgency tied to anything bearing such a title…and that he can 1-up El-Producto in a game of monotonic sarcasm rants.

That’s My Life

Gunplay Don Logan stomped through to our own Fresh Out The Box back in April. It took a minute to get it all together, but we now present the 2-part interview and freestyle(s) session we had the pleasure of hosting with MMG‘s own rifleman.

In Part 1, he sheds light on his not-so-well-known “other name,” the business model behind having multiple aliases, possibly working with Jay-Z and Pharrell, choosing his sound, his favorite movies, and political conspiracies.

DGB‘s own Farrington G was on-deck to join Note and I along in the festivities, as well as to bestow some of the finer goods in life. You probably won’t see that type shit happen ever again.

Part 1

In the second part, the “bonus reel,” the man with multiple names rhymes over two ODB classics (one time being completely spontaneous and “off the top”), talks about the concept behind his upcoming 106 N Snort, more ODB, having Jay‘s Reasonable Doubt as his “bible,” and how he stays healthy amongst all of the industry politics.

Part 2

Big up LZ, Orlando, Isabelle and the rest of BBOX, Fang, and of course Gunplay for coming through.

Fresh Out The Box is on every Thursday, 7:30pm-9:30pm (EST) via BBOX Radio.

For the full FOTB episode and Gunplay interview…click here.

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