Out The Peep Hole

GBE‘s Fredo and Gino continue on with that Street Shit, plus we get a new one off of Santana‘s Trappin’ Ain’t Dead (nor is it EDM, sorry)

Update: Another Trappin’ Ain’t Dead joint produced by none other than Smoked Out Luger.

Fredo Santana “Street Niggas” (Feat. Gino Marley & Ballout, Prod. Lex Luger)

Fredo Santana x Gino Marley “Fugazy”

Fredo Santana x Gino Marley “For The Cheap”

Cover art so good, I had to include it…

Fredo Santana “Bird Talk” (Prod. G5 Murph)

Pillow Talkin’ That’s For Bitches

Lil Reese returns with some familiar faces in this hazed out, eerie one (Barry White whistling included). Seems like there is a pretty clear message directed at some other folks as well. Super Savage drops August 20.

Lil Reese “Wassup” (feat. Fredo Santana & Lil Durk)

Make It Work

Fredo Santana and Gino Marley dropped a visual for a banger off the recently released tape Street Shit. If you missed the tape, download that.

Fredo Santana & Gino Marley “Road Trip”

You Don’t Understand A Kilo

Fredo Santana and Gino Marley have a tape called Street Shit. Yeah.

Get Street Shit

Glory Ways

GBE‘s Fredo and Gino call for DC’s honorary member of the Glorious council to report on the week’s earnings over this circus’y beat. The pair’s Street Shit project arrives soon.

Fredo Santana & Gino Marley “Everyday” (Feat. Fat Trel & Blood Money)


Glory Boys Gino and Fredo give a small tour of their kitchen and reveal some very choice decorative accommodations…or something.

Gino Marley “I Love Counting” (Feat. Fredo Santana, Prod. Tarentino)

Taking Shit

Fredo and co. don’t let them risks faze ’em. Off of Fredo Kruger.

Fredo Santana “Take Risks” (Feat. Blood Money, Prod. 808 Mafia)

On Your Potato

Migos and Fredo GBE chop it up over everyone’s favorite residence (or hobo?) on Elm Skreet.

Migos “Freddy Kruger” (Feat. Fredo Santana, Prod. Phenom Da Don)

Shouts to TNT

To The Mountain Lions

Gunplay and Fredo get paired with some VERY unlikely folks, otherwise.

Travis Scott “Pussy” (Feat. Gunplay, Fredo Santana & Chuck Inglish)

Got Magic

Fredo stars in his very own info-mercial about progressive business tactics. My question to you is why did said “robbers” have to run (and scale fences) for so many blocks, with mask and tool out, before reaching the target’s house? Seems a little counter-productive to have out-of-breath soldiers…eh?

Let’s also just hope that his plug in real life only speaks Spanish though.

Either way, this is off of the incredibly satisfying Fredo Kruger.

Fredo Santana “Rob My Plug” (Prod. 12Hunna)

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