Taking Shit

Fredo and co. don’t let them risks faze ’em. Off of Fredo Kruger.

Fredo Santana “Take Risks” (Feat. Blood Money, Prod. 808 Mafia)

Got Magic

Fredo stars in his very own info-mercial about progressive business tactics. My question to you is why did said “robbers” have to run (and scale fences) for so many blocks, with mask and tool out, before reaching the target’s house? Seems a little counter-productive to have out-of-breath soldiers…eh?

Let’s also just hope that his plug in real life only speaks Spanish though.

Either way, this is off of the incredibly satisfying Fredo Kruger.

Fredo Santana “Rob My Plug” (Prod. 12Hunna)

If The Police Run In Here?

Fredo cooks it up…but the song’s overall feel makes you wonder if he ain’t take a lil off the top. On some real shit though, he should rap with that much reverb 90% of the time. Off that Fredo Kruger.

Fredo Santana “Cook The Dope Up”

Introduce You

Fredo keeps the drillathon going with this one. The multi-layered opus of ig’nance contains production from the likes of TM88, Tarentino, Young Chop, Mike Will, and more. And the first track’s about robbing the plug. Get this.

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