Ooh That Bass…

I always knew there was something deeper going on behind those densely layered melodic lines in Zaytoven‘s production. No, not the part where he’s on the phone while sequencing… the fact that he can actually play the keys.

Zaytown Episode #1

That Up-North Air

New Mobb visuals! If you’ve not had the pleasure of catching one of the many Ustream sessions at Infamous Studios with Prodigy, Havoc, and gang…well, these might won’t quite replicate that feeling, nor fill that void, but they certainly give the viewer an insightful look into the way the Mobb is working after all of these years, trials, and tribs.

“Start Of Your Ending” is the first episode in a series by Q-Butta. The season opener features some footage of the duo in the studio and a dope 5:00am’ish monologue from P. After all of this time, it’s dope to see that P does not reek of self-entitlement, yet instead recognizes that he still has to work hard to maintain the high quality output for which the Mobb is revered, as well as relevance in the new market of today.

In the next video, Prodigy gets the Creative Control lens treatment. Push-ups, Bumpy Johnson booths, more angles of Infamous Studios, Tony Yayo visitation.

This morning, Prodigy appeared on Hot97 to speak with Rosenberg about his book and his family’s musical history.

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