Wanna Hand Off?

New Gucci and Dolph over a D Boy Fresh slapper. Honestly, pretty underwhelming (very much like the cover art), until Wop‘s verse, which does something damn near magical to the song during its course.

Drumma Boy “Private Party” (Feat. Young Dolph & Gucci Mane, Prod. Drumma Boy)

Yeah They Robbin

One evening, Young Dolph rapped over some evil synths and p-noid piano play by Drumma Boy. It was on High Class Street Music 3. This is the very appropriate visual take.

Young Dolph “No Sleep” (Prod. Drumma Boy)


Patta and Drumma Boy make purple smoke clouds. Off of Cheez N Dope.

Project Pat “Weed Smoke” (Prod. Drumma Boy)

Ain’t Even Human

Drumma Boy flexes some recent productions/collaborations…so much better than that Bangladesh trash bin mission that came out last week. Some very new things by Future, Waka Flocka Flame, Wooh Da Kid, Gucci Mane, Young Dolph, 8Ball & MJG, and then some.

Hop into the 2k13 Spring Bling Playlist

Put It On Slim

B$M blood brothers with a new Drumma Boy produced burner. Tagged up, unfortunately (fingers crossed).

Waka Flocka Flame & Wooh Da Kid “Seen Alot” (Prod. Drumma Boy)

Peace to DGB

Can’t Let Her Kiss Me

Patta just has a way with these silly womens. This sounds like it could’ve been on Layin’ Da Smack Down pretty much…and that’s a fucking great thing. Pat for president. Cheese N Dope coming soon.

Project Pat “Sackful” (Produced By Drumma Boy)

Gas Station Hirin’

Drumma Boy, Young Dolph, and Young Dose give the Verizon slogan a little twist of sinister. I fucks with this heavily. Off of Drumma‘s The Birth Of D-Boy Fresh.

“Can You Hear Me Now” (Feat. Young Dolph & Young Dose, Produced by Drumma Boy)

Props to DGB

Plugs In Acapulco

Future and Gangsta Boo over an evil bad-LSD trip of a Drumma Boy beat? Hell yeah! Big Weight holds his own alongside the big gunners.

Big Weight “Fugazi” (Feat. Future & Gangsta Boo, Produced by Drumma Boy)

Trapping Is Not Taught At DeVry

Gucci Mane released his latest mixtape I’m Up to the internet and world at large this past Friday. Initially when this release was announced my anticipation level was “turnt up” but as some selected songs began to hit the blogs, doubts began to creep into my consciousness. With Trap Back being one of the best releases of the year, the (fish) scale was set high for his follow up and the feature heavy leaks made it seem like this project was something hastily pasted together for the sake of keeping the buzz going.

So after living with I’m Up for the weekend what’s my conclusion? Well it does seem like a pasted together project using leftovers from Trap Back spiced up with emailed in verses from people who you thought you might wanna hear but really don’t bring it (Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz) and people that you probably don’t want to hear (Jim Jones, Fabolous). However, I’m Up is not just 20 tracks swimming in mediocrity. There are moments of greatness that are strong enough to keep the feeling of disappointment away.

Since you may have a life I saved you the time of going through the entire mixtape and am giving you the highlights of I’m Up. But if you want the whole mixtape, you can download it here.

“Brought Out Them Racks” ft. Big Sean prod. by Drumma Boy

Endearing opening line by Gucci (yes, she sure is a “people pleaser”) starts off this creeping Drumma Boy track. Big Sean has one of the few voices that actually sounds cohesive with Gucci‘s.

“Get Lost” ft. Birdman prod. by Detail

Gucci displays his ability for taking white people words/phrases and making them sound cool (see “Gross”). Gucci also has a line in this track about making so much money that people think that he plays for the Chargers. Maybe it’s just coincidence but Gucci had a song recently entitled “Philip Rivers”, who is the starting quarterback of the San Diego Chargers. Either way, Chargers General Manager, AJ Smith is not know for handing out big contracts so Gucci may want to pick a new team to use for money metaphors.
The Detail produced track sounds like something El-P could of used on Cancer For Cure.

“Spread The Word” prod. by Lex Luger

Extra, Extra read all about it…Lex Luger updates his sound, “Spread The Word”. I can just hear Gucci‘s Mom at family dinners, “You were such a cute trap boy and now you a grown dope man.”

“Scarface” ft. Scarface prod. by Mike WiLL Made It

The Mike Will produced track starts off similar to Future‘s “Dirty Sprite” (which he also produced) but takes a much darker turn. Scarface sounds like he’s been listening to some Tyler, The Creator although it’s Face who is the original “Mind Of A Lunatic”. Gucci delivers his best line on the entire project with “Like Revenge Of The Nerds, I got a room full of squares.” Trap Lambda Lambda

“It Ain’t Funny” ft. Yo Gotti prod. by Drumma Boy

Best track on this mixtape. Gucci and Yo Gotti should consider doing a collab project, their distinctive drawls sound like cocaine and baking soda together. Cold-blooded raps with equally icey production courtesy of Drumma Boy who is the stand-out producer on I’m Up.

The Holy Trinity

Gucci, Waka, and Wooh Da Kid

Gucci Mane releases the title track off his upcoming mixtape I’m Up. Produced by Drumma Boy and featuring 2 Chainz. If his new mixtape is even half as good as Trap Back, Gucci is a strong contender for artist of the year.

I’m Up drops May 25th at 10:17 AM.

Gucci Mane ft. 2 Chainz – “I’m Up” (Produced by Drumma Boy)

Waka with another leak off the upcoming Triple F Life. The tranformation of Waka into multi-genre superstar is real as well as becoming one of the better lyricists (a reluctant one) in rap.

Triple F Life drops June 12th.

Waka Flocka Flame ft. Plies – “Lurkin” (Produced by 808 Mafia)

Wooh Da Kid has a new video that falls in line with somebody who dubs themselves a “strap-a-holic”.

If you haven’t, download Strap-A-Holics 2.0 (Reloaded).

“Laid Down” (Featuring Fetti Gang, Produced by 808 Mafia)

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