iPod Filled With Big Poppa

Ms. What What Jean Grae brings forth an updated version of her Ski Beatz produced joint featuring Styles P and fellow Brooklyn native, Talib Kweli. For all that it’s worth, SP sounds extra correct over the Cerrone sample on 45rpm.

Also, let me say that hearing Jean once again reminds me of how she was probably the first to do the cartoon’ish, cutesy vocal delivery tricks your favorite Nicki is so admired for. I’m talkin’ back in the 90’s before the name change (as noted at the beginning of this post). I’m not sayin’ the bitch bit her steez, but…

Jean Grae “R.I.P.” (Feat. Styles P & Talib Kweli, Produced by Ski Beatz)

Jean (along with Mr. Len) also paid an entertaining visit to Lord Sear during The Drunk Mix on Shade 45 last Friday, to speak in detail about her new life as a coke whore, “rappity rap,” and to play one and a half new joints off her upcoming release, Coke Cookies Or Comas (or was it Coke Cake Or Death). I guess you had to be listening to understand.

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