Time To Die

The almighty Black Sabbath were allegedly group drugged (involuntarily) by drinking from a communal punchbowl in an Oslo hotel bar and taken to a subterranean laboratory (under a log cabin, obviously) embedded deep in the darkened layers of Norwegian forestry. This was where the extraction of their respective DNA took place, followed by a rinsing with various active chemicals of the most potent in mind-altering substances on the planet. The plan was to place this concoction into an organic microchip implant, thus ushering in a wave of death proof superhumans, but alas, technological resources were just too meager at the time.

Cut forward some decades to December 2012…perhaps the last week of any December, ever. After a series of set-backs and plenty of mind gouging epiphanies, I find no better time than 9pm on the 17th day of the month to make my attempt at interpreting the legendary Sabbath-DNA-meets-drugs-and-digital-age formula for world domination. I brought along my potna dem, Alex of Steady Bloggin’, to help host this venture as he has been one of the most active and forward-thinking purveyors of projects directly taking after DJ Screw‘s style of music play. I wanted to pay my respects by creating this mix primarily on turntable and mixer, to keep it as human as possible (as the featured musicians were also playing live – not quantized machinery).

Without anymore sleep-deprived banter spewed, PTP and Steady Bloggin’ are fucking delighted to present this collage of heavy metal sludge omnipotence with a Houston, Texas lean (no pun?). All we ask is that you enjoy this responsibly and watch out for those portals that may open up.

Start Screwing Yourself To Live

Huge thanks to Alex, John Turner Jr., and Gila Monsta for believing in this enough to have invested their own time and talent into it.

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