Watch Takin’ A Number-Two

Durk and Ca$h Out on that cash talk.

Lil Durk x Ca$h Out “All She Want” (Prod. Metro Boomin)

In A Tutu

Ca$h Out is back, but this time instead of the sweet syrup-drenched melodies of last summer’s anthem, we have something that makes the strip club sound like a dimly-lit place of sinister dealings (in all actuality, probably a more honest portrayal than the usual “naked bodies being stormed upon by thousands of dollars” paradise). Once again, HPG masterminding the production.

Ca$h Out “The Twerk Song” (Prod. DJ Spinz & Dun Deal)

Woke Up Like I’m In Brazil

Ca$h Out and Future drive UFO’s and wake up in a variety things that don’t qualify as their respective beds in Atlanta. This shit is heavy (also note the collaborative production effort of Metro and two of 808 Mafia‘s frontmen).

Ca$h Out “Another Country” (Feat. Future, Prod. Metro Boomin’, Southside & TM88)

Gold Nugget Charm

Twista tells it like it is. You don’t just obtain quadruple-OG status overnight, ya know?! It also helps that you can still rap your fucking face off on top of it all.

Twista “I’m Old School” (Prod. Legendary Traxster)

Bonus: DJ Victoriouz uniting OG with BG (as in literally…a “baby”). Again, for Twista rapping over beats that remind us as to why we listened to Adrenaline Rush on repeat after a L of some premium gas.

DJ Victoriouz “Cash Out” (Feat. Twista & Lil Mouse)

In The Stash House

Ca$h Out and GuWop talk about that tragic, street corner life. Oh, just some hypnotic, sinister plot trappin’. Ca$h Out‘s Keisha project drops December 18th.

Ca$h Out “The Curb” (Feat. Gucci Mane)

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