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oh yeah. you know that guy from Canada with hair?

Call Me Duck Sauce, Ferrari Dreams

Hefna Gwap and producer Lord Plawz (headliners of The Caviar Group) have released the first step into global domination. Death-defying, traum-fueled, big stylized raps over lo-fi slaps and thuds gone off of the same kill smoke. Got it? If not, go get it. PTP‘s superelusive-superproducer EPMDenny hops out the cold cave to lace a track too!

Meet these Illustrious Goons

UPDATED: Or stream and get it for free from Dat Piff!

Bonus: Something new cooked up on Thanksgiving (pun?) by Hef and Plawz. I was traumed out my face when I heard this…you should probably be in a similar state so you can then lose your mind by the 2:00 minute mark.

Hefna Gwap “Brooklyn” (Produced by Lord Plawz)

It Could Be March 2nd, Sound Like July…

14th! Killa Cam. Beer garden. NYC summer. Outdoors. Bushwick, Brooklyn. STARTING IN 7 MINUTES. Bring your most premium bandanas and loudly-colored furs (and loudest tree)… and enjoy.

All I ask for is a flurry of joints off of ‪S.D.E.‬ (and none of them being “What Means The World…”) and “Glory.” ‪#KILLA‬

Recognize! (We’re Having A Party!!!)

It’s gonna be fun.

Editor’s note: Details!

Us Fresh Out The Box / Purple Tape Pedigree boys, in conjuction with our family Ballers Eve, Dirty Glove Bastard, & Steady Bloggin’ (as we are the NEW MOB), are putting on a FREE show with G-SIDE and The Block Beattaz this Thursday, June 21 (as part of BBOX Radio‘s role in Make Music NY‘s all-day street fest/block party in Williamsburg, Brooklyn).

While the block party starts outside at 346 Metropolitan Ave…come 7:30pm, we take things inside at PiPs (table tennis & art space, 158 Roebling) for the Huntsville, Alabama superduo and DJ sets by the super producers (for those who can’t make it in person, it’s gonna be streamed live as our episode of FOTB).

After all that, Big Christmas (Karaoke Killed The Cat‘s own Lord Easy and Chris Goldteeth) and Tecla (the night’s finisher) follow.

P.S. And on Friday with OTHER special guests at the Slumerican (yes, care of Yelawolf‘s Slumerican imprint) loftspace in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Cheap entry, early show (use this as your Friday night jump-off), cheap dranks, backyard space, dope DJ’s and rappers.

Don’t Box Him In!

Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire gave you some eX-Mas goodies…now we’re following suit with live footage from his December 6 set at the Glasslands, BKNY. eXqo and the Peel Off committee went AWOL on stage, once again. Drinks were flown, people almost trampled, mosh pits had, rap words yelled, but most of all, the attention of a packed room full of seemingly equal parts guy/girl was well-earned.

Other than the live as shit show eX and co. put on, the other highlight was the few joints we haven’t seen performed before: the “March 9th Freestyle” (or “What’s Beef”), “The Rocketeer” (I believe he premiered this El-P laced joint that night, available on the eX-MAS mixtape), and “No Time”, which not only is a ridiculous flood of words to repeat in a live setting, but also features the linguistic talents of his always seen/seldom heard, right-hand man (and cuzo), Goldie Glo.

“Michael Dudikoff” & “Fire Marshall Bill”

Apologizing to Note D for putting him on the spot re: his “favorite pussy”, “No Time” (Feat. Goldie Glo), & “Huzzah”

“Lou Ferigno’s Mad”, “The Rocketeer”, “March 9th Freestyle”, & “Build-A-Bitch”

Peace to the entire Peel Off, Note, Mummz, Alex, & G-Side!

Keep Cream Of The Crop, Fresh Out The Box

Remember the infamous Albee Square Mall (the Brooklyn retail landmark and best candidate for 2nd home to Biz Markie)? Some of you may have had the opportunity to scoop some fly shit out of there…others certainly have heard of its stalwart existence through Golden Era rap lore. By ’07, 30 years after its initial opening, the mall was no more. In ’11, the barren spread of land was filled with shipping containers (i.e. the 2nd season of The Wire…sans dead Russian hookers) to be reconstituted as hubs for various small businesses; now known as the Dekalb Market. Within one of the market’s recycled containers, among the purveyors of delicious food and drink, clothing and fashion-oriented knick-knacks, and a Brooklyn Bodega x Fat Beats collab record shop, rests a very exceptional creative endeavor: BBOX Radio (Brooklyn’s own soon-to-be live, streaming, 24-hour Internet radio station).

We here at PTP firmly believe in the idea of “community”…therefore, we are advising you, our much esteemed mini-nation of progressive movers and builders, to take a sec to mull over the probability of your participation in the BBOX Radio project. Plus BBOX is the home to our new radio show, Fresh Out The Box (going live and streaming in a couple of weeks – think of it as the audio version of this site…21st Century hip hop).

The BBOX Radio Sampler by BBOX Radio

You hear that at the 14 second mark? Intro by Teslee Snipes, Note gettin’ his radio voice in, and me showin’ some love to Brooklyn on the wheels. Bang. So with that being said, you may want to do something a little more proactive for this entire online community (that doesn’t just mean donating a fraction of your hard-earned, not without substantial rewards via BBOX’s Kickstarter, but spreading the word to others…something made a whole lot easier nowadays thanks to “sharing” and reblogging). Once we caught wind, it was an easy choice to roll with BBOX, as they completely represent innovation, resourcefulness, and freedom of creative license (it’s radio on the Internet…c’mon, will ya?!?).

Practiced sustainability and D.I.Y. science, plus PTP in audio form alongside a schedule already bursting with some remarkable shows and selectors (i.e. the funk & soul two-piece of Headless Heroes with Gee-$, OG Chino, and Amir (yes, of Kon & Amir fame) and the Golden Era fare of Albee Square with Classic Pete and Mr. Klean). What more good do you need?!?!

Donate. Spread Word. Support. Actively engaging in any of these things will only contribute to the enrichment of a tremendous on-air artistic enterprise (plus it’ll help all of the worthy-as-fuck artists involved in the audible make-up of these radio shows…aka those whose music us DJ’s will be playing).

Peace to everyone who has shown their love and support so far…plus the Huffington Post and Laughing Squid.

Follow BBOX and friend ’em…stay tuned.

I Wonder If I Take You Home

Action Bronson ransacked the BYOB BBQ 2 at The Morgan (Bushwick, BKNY) two weekends ago, straight from the dirty lens of the PTP cam! Here is his entire set…with his incredibly entertaining side-commentary and rap dances. Hear his thoughts on “90’s rap” and “down South wavy” music, the science behind being heavyset and life in the kitchen…plus a little dedication to Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam. He also performs his most recent banger, “Jar Of Drugs” (the first time, I believe)…as well as “Cocoa Bread” with Maffew Ragazino.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Always On Our Brownsville Bullshit!

Maffew Ragazino live at last Saturday’s BYOB BBQ 2. This set off the string of headline-worthy hip hop that afternoon (to be followed by Action Bronson and Danny Brown), and it was apparent that the Brownsvillain duo of Maff and Sha Banga (with help by DJ Teddy King) certainly had no qualms about putting things into perspective for the audience. Mega energy and presence…and bars…and antics akin to some ol’ BK bullshit…that’s what you can expect (check the ode to “Otis” in the very beginning).

Steady Fam even popped up for some cameo verse action on “Motley Crue” (though the angles got a little suspect at that point, but I’ll fix that).

Note: This is NOT the whole set, I was right up front and the fucking monitor was blazing into my left ear…and camera mic…so the sound got a little crunchy at points (as heard on some of the other videos people have offered as footage). Those were deemed “unusable”.


“Crystal Meth” & “Motel Crue” (w/ Steady Fam)

“Even More Butter”

Rhyme Pays dropping ASAP.


Danny Brown cleaned house at Saturday’s BYOB BBQ 2 with a gargantuan set. Still riding the vapor trail of his latest release earlier on in the week, XXX, Detroit’s most maniacal wordsmith seemed to be in mega high spirits as he tore through a lengthy chain of songs, exhibiting his patented, widespread verbal/sonic assault.

In reviewing and editing down this footage, I realized a couple things (aside from the fact that I was pretty intoxicated and wholeheartedly enjoying the day’s events and the antics of my immediate company – so the camera isn’t completely still… balls):

1. How good the idea was to step back a row or two in order to not only capture some crowd reaction, but to drop the chances of being left with some distorted mess for audio as the monitors were crazy loud if you were by the stage (head/camera level and all that). Some of the other clips I’ve seen posted around completely suffer from that exact issue in unfortunate positioning. Actually, this footage sounds really clean.
2. Danny isn’t just a fuckin’ beast going for dolo on stage, but he also doesn’t take much time to bullshit between songs. Straight Olympian shit. I feel like that is translated well here…especially in the multi-song clips (or maybe it’s just my inner-completist wanting to put out all of it, even though I missed the first two songs – “XXX” and “Die Like A Rockstar”…balls, again).

Super duty big ups to Combat Jack and Dallas Penn for bringing this to the people.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Peace to Despot, Boog Nice, and Jaime Buddha (all of whom contributed to the camera’s lack of steadiness with surprise shoulder-taps and what not). Also big up Note, Tony Conquerrah, Mummz, Tes, Teddy King, Lauren, Life One, Bobby Coma, Zeena Koda, Synapse, the C.I.C.O. gang, and everyone else who was out there with us.

Also, check out the review the Village Voice gave of (mostly) his set. More footy on the way!

No Sleep Til…

BYOB BBQ. Tomorrow. Rap hands, rain or shine.

Three. More. Reasons. Go!!

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