Ain’t Rosy

Those creepy 3:33 dudes just released this compilation of their murky-as-fuck, spirit-communicating remixes…plus instrumentals. Be very careful when experimenting with substances to this.

If you have a functioning tape deck, hit the link and cop the physical cassette version…just makes sense don’t it?

Get into 7 Sets Of 7

Shouts to Adam of Parallel Thought.

Sawn Off Leatherface

That OG Bone Thugs flow, yet not A$AP or Rxxxxr Klvn related…though definitely with a slimey, syrupy backdrop that would have SGP‘s face spinning. Our main stain Alex will further color within the lines:

…rap music to sacrifice virgins by. Play this one at your next Black Mass while rocking a fly cowl.

“FLY COWL”…you hear that young thugs? That’s the next shit you are apparently already on, as seen on the darkened evening streets of NYFW. Congrats, you’re all going to Hell in a purse.

Bone Thugs N Harmony “E.1999 3:33 Remix” (Produced by Parallel Thought)

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