Time To Die

The almighty Black Sabbath were allegedly group drugged (involuntarily) by drinking from a communal punchbowl in an Oslo hotel bar and taken to a subterranean laboratory (under a log cabin, obviously) embedded deep in the darkened layers of Norwegian forestry. This was where the extraction of their respective DNA took place, followed by a rinsing with various active chemicals of the most potent in mind-altering substances on the planet. The plan was to place this concoction into an organic microchip implant, thus ushering in a wave of death proof superhumans, but alas, technological resources were just too meager at the time.

Cut forward some decades to December 2012…perhaps the last week of any December, ever. After a series of set-backs and plenty of mind gouging epiphanies, I find no better time than 9pm on the 17th day of the month to make my attempt at interpreting the legendary Sabbath-DNA-meets-drugs-and-digital-age formula for world domination. I brought along my potna dem, Alex of Steady Bloggin’, to help host this venture as he has been one of the most active and forward-thinking purveyors of projects directly taking after DJ Screw‘s style of music play. I wanted to pay my respects by creating this mix primarily on turntable and mixer, to keep it as human as possible (as the featured musicians were also playing live – not quantized machinery).

Without anymore sleep-deprived banter spewed, PTP and Steady Bloggin’ are fucking delighted to present this collage of heavy metal sludge omnipotence with a Houston, Texas lean (no pun?). All we ask is that you enjoy this responsibly and watch out for those portals that may open up.

Start Screwing Yourself To Live

Huge thanks to Alex, John Turner Jr., and Gila Monsta for believing in this enough to have invested their own time and talent into it.

Found Out What It Means To Be Believed

Black Sabbath through the eyes of some mad men. We are proud to unveil this two-song pack of heavy metal god shit, all chopped-and-slowed, as the first single to the upcoming Screwing Yourself To Live project between us and Steady Bloggin’. An experiment in sludge and stonerism. Expect to see that on 12/12/12.

Go get “A National Acrobat” b/w “Sleeping Village”

Peep the video the god whipped up to “Sleeping Village.”

Big up John Turner Jr. for the cover art and Alex for the overseeing.

In The Sky

Attention Black Sabbath heads, weed heads, drank heads, and those who just fancy their music mega heavy and slow, PTP and Steady Bloggin’ got some shit in the pyrex for you! It is officially #FridayBLACKESTFriday …so that means we premier the first taste of our “best of” tribute to the aforementioned “most important band ever”…in trippy visual form, no less. Screwing Yourself To Live, probably also a first step into something that could be called SludgeWave*, drops 12/12/12 (think 6/6/06…just stretched and doubled…or something) via this site and that site. The music of Sabbath will be treated and mixed together by yours truly, overseen by the homey Alex, while John Turner Jr. handles the artwork. This is going to make some lean and loud pushers quite rich.

Black Sabbath “Sleeping Village” (Chopped & Slowed)

I threw this video together this afternoon…yeah.

*I dunno…think heavy metal given the Texas chopped & screwed treatment.

The Blackest Of Black Friday

None of that pink bullshit…
This could have gone up during Tuesday’s installment of much-needed brutality…but I wanted to save it for this special day of exploded waistlines and consumerism. We’re keeping things slower and sludgey this week (wouldn’t want you losing any of that meal via impromptu keyboard mosh)…my man Note set it off with the Southern downpour of Acid Bath…now let’s shoot back to the gods of anything heavy and metal…the forefathers of all that is slow, down-tuned, sludgey, doomy, brutal, whatever…in raw, 1970’s form. My favorite band of all time…BLACK-fucking-SABBATH. Live in Paris, France.

Part 1

Part 2 (featuring the original version of “War Pigs”)

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5 (for all of you Iron Man fans out there)

Part 6

Part 7

Seriously, if you’re a fan at all of heavy music…or would like to start getting your feet wet with it…set aside a good 45-hour and WATCH THIS through. This is the blueprint.

BRUTAL TUESDAY: Stoned Masters

Nothing says “get stoned” better than the viscose sonic downpour that is Black Sabbath. If you have never experienced the combination of A-1 traumage and the pummeling audio skullpress of the Sludge/Doom/Stoner metal gods, than you, my friend, are missing a piece of the puzzle.

Today’s a perfect day to fill that void…and do it to this.

“Sweet Leaf”

Yeah…same song…just the demo version. Lyrically, the demo is nowhere near as focused as the final product…but I just can’t get over how apparent the drums are on this joint. Sounds like an 80’s era Rick Rubin produced/recorded this (especially think of Danzig I to understand what I’m saying). I can listen to alternate takes of early Sabbath all day.

“Sweet Leaf” (Demo Version)

A Little Paranoid, Are We?

Face it…we live in a fear-mongering society and whether you have a reason to worry or not (based upon your choices in life), this thing called “paranoia” is the root to our ritualistic harboring of internal discomforts.

It IS a crazy scary world out there…if you think about it.

In an effort to maintain this month’s theme of investing in fear, here’s some lovely visual media that won’t necessarily try to scare you out of entering that subway station during next week’s “rush hour”…nor will these clips attempt to scare you into fixing something that was not broken to begin with through a simple, yet compromising (to say the least), injection. The “cure” is not what we should be worried about. The big fish don’t rest in the puddle poured in front of us.

And the closer…since this year, Halloween really does fall on the weekend.

(notice the dope radio edit with the re-laid vocals, I loved when they did that…the highlight being when Bill goes “AWWW MAN ‘OMEYYY”)

Wordup. I’ve donned my tinfoil hat and walk with hot frying pan in hand (for the bigger fish…to fry…right?!?!).

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