Always Dirty

Black And Brown dropped, yesterday. You are a complete fool to us if you don’t plan to get that immediately. The EP is the grandest short-play listening experience you’ll have in 2011. Dead ass. As previously stated (leftover predictions further resulting in a bullseye), Danny Brown does a “revisitation” back to his less-raucous, feet implanted on Earth delivery, akin to The Hybrid era/pre-XXX material we all turned our heads in a welcomed double-take for (pause); his style and wit completely stood the fuck out in the day’s cramped room of mostly rap mediocrity (and even amongst the tried-and-true favorites). Black Milk, on the other hand, travels further out to stretch the imagination and craft the two handfuls of sample-laden environments for the Hybrid to swing, stomp, cut, shoot, trip, smoke, drink, fuck, and destroy shit through. Something special happens when the minds of these two combine over audio machine science (the guy over at Pitchfork can eat all of that as well).

Most of you well-versed Black or Brown heads would know that this EP is more resulting from natural progression than just a chance collaborative paper-in-the-hat idea. The two have worked together in the past, and the song behind the video (title track and EP closer) is actually a little more than a year old (first appearing on Milk’s Album Of The Year)…but it fits in the sci-fi soul landscape of Black And Brown without blemish or stutter. The joint now seems like a premonition of what was to be an entirely repeat-worthy, rap dream project (and all that good shit).

“Black & Brown”

With all of this flashback, ahead-of-their-time stuff about us, how about another fact for Brown catalog hoarders. “LOL” is actually a slick retake of an older joint (check the Detroit State Of Mind mixtapes)…but now with Black Milk broiling down the new instrumental to absolute deep-souled perfection.

Get this, now… ’nuff said.

Two Things For Certain

Good things come to those who wait… so while we all anticipate the November 1st release of Black And Brown, the split EP between Black Milk and Danny Brown, why not stream the whole thing and place your pre-orders…now.

Rappers Often Have No Progression

The first leak from Black & Brown…that’s the EP by Danny Brown and Black Milk. Sounds somewhat like The Hybrid on XXX-marked sonic steroids in pill form…meaning the two seemingly meet in the middle, as far as each one’s signature sound goes. Danny is a little less zany and back-to-Earth with his delivery, while Milk throws on a stargazing-David-Bowie-spacesuit synth/vocal combo and some off-kilter drum work. November 1st!!!!

Black Milk & Danny Brown “Zap” (Produced by Black Milk)

Tell Pac “What Up Doe”

Random Axe and (the rarely seen) Roc Marci cause havoc at Rock The Bells in San Fran with the gulliest mascot ever. Probably my favorite joint off of the album…now we can rest happily, thanks to this video.

“Chewbacca” (Featuring Roc Marciano, Produced by Black Milk)

Fuck ‘Em All, Except…

Sean P (!!) gives his non-album Random Axe verse to the people out there in TV land. Back alleys, goons, and more mention of how his “‘scuit (“sket”) pop”…plus the in(ternet)famous reference to Danny Brown.

“Untitled” (Produced by Black Milk)

After Primo flipped that Barry White sample for OC, I thought no one else could do it any more justice…but Black Milk definitely served it all nice-like with some tasteful garnish and what not. Dusty drums.

Aggressive Content

Random Axe LP out today! COP THAT NOW.

“Random Call”

Trust The Word

The Random Axe crew drops their latest track from the upcoming LP, dropping June 14th. Listen to the track below and scoop it here.

Random Axe “Random Call”

Detroit State Of Mind

The D got some hard shit (next to Philly, the city stands as one of my favorite breeding grounds for ridiculous talent). Here’s yet another perfect example.

Ketchphraze “My Detroit” (Feat. Trick Trick & eLZhi, Produced by Black Milk)

Spotted at TSS.

But wait, there’s more…

eLZhi recently dropped his ode to the flawless debut of one young Nasir Jones, (slickly titled) Elmatic. Like each song’s verse-structure, the beats simply refer to those classics laid by the likes of DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Large Professor, Q-Tip, and LES – this is no exercise in half-assed, mixtape redundancy featuring some cat recording directly over the originals. Definitely a lesson in correctness.

eLZhi “Detroit State Of Mind” (Produced by Will Sessions)

Download Elmatic.

Color Of Your Future

Random (fuckin’) Axe is that shit…so are not-so random acts of violence. Watch this, the first video off their self-titled project (out June 14th), you fuckin’ duck.

“The Hex” (Produced by Black Milk)

Pitch Quarters In The Lobby

Random Axe, the supergroup of Sean Price, Guilty Simpson, and Black Milk drop their single to promote the 15 track self titled album dropping on Duck Down on June 15th. The selection is a homage to their manager, Hex Murda. A man of many quotables, just check this interview. The genre needs more cohesive LP’s fully arranged by a single miner behind the boards, two thumbs up for the roster behind this one.

Random Axe “The Hex”

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