Found Out That I Can Sell Mo’

Gene, Parallel Thought, and Bentley on some cold killa shit right here. To hear more of this, head over to SPIN where they’ve got the plug to hear the entire Artillery Splurging album, a week before it comes out.

Gene The Southern Child “Gangsta Shit” (Feat. Bentley, Prod. Parallel Thought)

Almost Lost It

Huntsville’s Bentley aka THE intelligent gangster. This should be played every morning in schools across the US, instead of the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance. Books & Guns coming soon.

Bentley “Politikkks” (Prod. Heartbeatz)

Coordinate My Straps

Bravo Money and Bentley talk about their daily grizzle over a soul-kissed backdrop.

Bravo Money “Wake & Bake” (Feat. Bentley, Produced by Heatbeatz)

Be sure to check the Fresh Out The Box archive for Bent‘s recent appearance (alongside S.L.A.S.H.)

Ski Mask Way

GMANE and Bentley pour out some G fluid over some breezy trunk funk. Possibly my favorite cut off of The American Way EP (produced entirely by C Scale). Directed by the homie Villionaire.

“Smoke N Ride Music” (Feat. Bentley, Produced by C Scale)

Shouts to our GG&G family.

No Stoppin’

Bentley‘s released the appropriately dark visuals for the track “Ready 2 Die”, from his recent mixtape release — Bootlegs & B-Sides. If you missed out on the tape, grab it here. And also check out the emcee’s recent interview on Fresh Out the Box accompanied by fellow SMS member, S.L.A.S.H.

“Ready 2 Die”

The Peace Sign

Bentley released this collection of 90’s/2000’s street anthem re-works today. I won’t say anymore because the homey Alex wins:

The Ice Cube reference of the cover is not coincidental – while not all of the beats on here are from California the mixtape carries a strong West Coast gangsta rap vibe. More than just paying homage through production, Bentley sounds the part too. His ability to convincingly convey menace and intelligent insights in equal measure harks back to the best of what 90s street rap has to offer. But this isn’t a simple exercise in nostalgia, it’s more like he is channeling formative influences as an introduction to his own ample talents. Bentley is a guy with his own distinct style and personality, rapping over AZ and Young D Boyz is just a warm up for him, setting a stage for more to come.


Now, go enjoy the shit outta this Bootlegs & B-Sides…and try not to rob you a liquor store register.

In The Inner Tubes

Bentley strikes again! This time over one of the most memorable beats of the golden mid-90’s. Roll you a vanilla fulla some gas and take that brown water to the face, no plastic cup needed. Bentley‘s project, Bootlegs & B-Sides due out September 24.

We’re also excited to announce that Bent and some other Slow Motion Soundz brethren are confirmed as our guests next Thursday on Fresh Out The Box.

“Money Murder”

Pass Me Whatever

Slow Motion SoundzBentley with that old soul gangsta shit. That sample never gets old and is nothing short of fitting in this instance. I dunno what else to say: it’s great, calloused heart rap. If you’re a fan of Beanie Sigel, but enjoy country slang, then…

Bentley‘s Bootlegs & B-Sides drops on September 24th via IntelligentHoodlum.

“Theme Song”

Shouts to the whole SMS family!

Under Them Squad Lights

Slash tells a detailed piece or two of harsh reality, and does it damn well, over some Beattaz Nu G-Funk. Off of her upcoming album, Cinderella Story. G-Mane, Bentley, and PT ride through to spit added game.

Slash “Oxygen” (Feat. G-Mane, Bentley, & PT, Produced by The Block Beattaz)

Big up Codie G.

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