Guns In Sweatpants


Asaad dropped his album Cold Blue, which is available to stream or purchase below. The LP features production from Nascent, QB, Problem, and Ben Pramuk.


Asaad aka Saudi Money‘s most recent release that kinda went under the radar. Features production by Young Chop, Bink!, Childish Major, SpaceGhostPurrp, 12Hunna, and then some. Get money.

Get White II

Young Oil Rig

Philly’s Saudi Money (aka Asaad) drops this project off at the door. Some heavy bar, heavy bass music. Features GrandeMarshall, Wyo, and Izzie. #RickRossGrunt

Get #NBHMII – New Black History Month II

To The Oils

Philly back on that bullshit! Asaad gives the people a first glimpse into his upcoming 006 project…and it’s one of those “I think I get what’s happening here”-pull-a-double-take-“wait, holy shit!” kind of scenes. What starts off as seemingly only built for (non-)Cuban yachts suddenly takes a turn for the vicious when Young Saadi and his neighbors, Wyo and GrandeMarshall, begin to confess of their torrid love affairs with assault rifles, various oils, and other things that fall under the label of “fast life.” Quite a contrast to the wave of boozy, oxblood-velvet-flavored dock funk that continuously rolls out for a little over 5 minutes. Within a short fade to silence, that chapter is ended and in comes the second-half of the episode…all manic-like with chunks of hair missing and gunpowder stains all over the forearms.

Asaad “AK47” (Feat. Wyo & GrandeMarshall, Prod. Nascent and QB)

Lil Kim Squat

Philly’s Asaad with a jewel of soul-infused, lavish young life rap…but not at all like what you’d think up when first reading that phrase (no Kanye‘isms here…thankfully). The EP certainly carries a crisp celebratory air, but not without a strong substantial undercurrent of cautionary musings to balance things out and keep away from “my life’s like a movie” territory. Completely worth your time in downloading or streaming. Also features the guy GrandeMarshall.

Get the #TROY EP

The Lil Kim reference is also gold. Who didn’t love it?!

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