Fresh In From Turkey

Project Mayhem may be Chi-Town’s answer to Philly’s State Property…maybe. Either way, the two rap crews share one distinct similarity…they are post-90’s rap crews…in which every member bears his own distinguishable stylistic traits. Mayhem is made up of a gang of cats, but (arguably) the most notable figures in the line-up would be MC/producer-extraordinaire Tree (whose Sunday School will certainly end up as one of our favorite releases of 2012) and the golden-voiced Lennon The Great. Here are some visuals, highlighting the two aforementioned cats, to assist in the whole getting-acquainted process:

First…Tree in the labbo with Tye Hill bubbling some “soul trap” music.

Next, Lennon The Great over a slick Tree-produced tingting.

Get Middle America

Shouts to DudeGot

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