You think I don’t give a fuck b?! GILA MONSTA REALLY DON’T GIVE A FUCK THOUGH. THIS GUY IS PUSHING THE TRENCH SOUND WITH SECRET OF MANA TYPE ORCHESTRAL UNITS AT THE HELM ON THIS. You wanna be smart? Listen to my partna dem and anxiously await his upcoming instrumental album on Type Records (as well as the very soon dropping new Gorgeous Children EP, ICE).

Gila Monsta “Switchinupposition”


Steady Bloggin’ and PTP presented this a few warm months back, live on Fresh Out The Box. It’s October and it is still warm outside (80-something degrees warm). That means you can still fire up the yacht, grab up the plushest of lightweight robing, a bottle of the finest brown water, a bag of jet fuel, and bump this shit while you wait for the upcoming Third Looks and TechSpec mixes by us.

Get Yacht Rap II: Nighttime Vultures

Ain’t With The Talkin

GBE‘s SD stomps over to Danny Brown‘s old hood to see how things operate out on Linwood. Life of a Savage 3 is excellent and available right here or on iTUNES sans DJ.

SD “New World Order Remix” (Feat. Danny Brown, Prod. 808 Mafia)

Out The Peep Hole

GBE‘s Fredo and Gino continue on with that Street Shit, plus we get a new one off of Santana‘s Trappin’ Ain’t Dead (nor is it EDM, sorry)

Update: Another Trappin’ Ain’t Dead joint produced by none other than Smoked Out Luger.

Fredo Santana “Street Niggas” (Feat. Gino Marley & Ballout, Prod. Lex Luger)

Fredo Santana x Gino Marley “Fugazy”

Fredo Santana x Gino Marley “For The Cheap”

Cover art so good, I had to include it…

Fredo Santana “Bird Talk” (Prod. G5 Murph)

On My Shoes

As an innovator of the modern day trap music sound (that we all know and love), Zaytoven is forever one with some cool shit to say…or to show. Topics in this Off The Record episode include: his start in the Bay Area with JT The Bigga Figga, being an army brat from Germany, meeting Gucci Mane, when he heard Migos“Bando,” and revealing to the world just how old the “Versace” beat really is (by the exact file date and all).

Now I Get The Picture

Lito pouring his heart out in this vent off of Funerals & Court Dates. Very epical ending to the video.

Starlito “Money Cacti”

Bonus #1: The making of his album Cold Turkey.

Bonus #2: Something new with the ever-atmospheric Ryan Hemsworth.

Starlito “Marley Lion” (Prod. Ryan Hemsworth)

Bonus #3: Never a thing for Lito to steal the spotlight in a couple of bars.

B Hav “For A Pill” (Feat. Starlito)

Money Makin’ Mitch

Giftz released his most heavyweight project to date this week. A bit of a concept going on here with the whole “split into chapters” deal…but honestly, I just want to hear that shit with Freddie Gibbs repeated a couple times, every listen, before going to the next song. Hard. Aside from Gangsta Gibbs, PTP-approved appearances include King Louie and Boldy James, with C-Sick, Lokey, and plenty others handling the boards.

Get Position Of Power

Bonus: New visual off of the project…

Giftz “Quiet” (Prod. Chase N Cashe)

My Neighbor

Flock channeling Flockaveli on this highlight off of Half-Time. Last time Waka was in France, the results were awesome.

Waka Flocka Flame “Where It At” (Prod. Izze The Producer)

Watch Takin’ A Number-Two

Durk and Ca$h Out on that cash talk.

Lil Durk x Ca$h Out “All She Want” (Prod. Metro Boomin)

Had To

Screen shot 2013-08-21 at 8.26.56 PM

Doe B again. The Alabama artist also released his original version of “Kemosabe”, which includes an extra verse from the solo artist.

(No TI, BOB, Young Dro, and Birdman on it.)

Doe B “Kemosabe”

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