Highly Highly Wavey

Third time’s the charm? Whatever…Mishka x PTP workin’ work again. This ting so slick, I didn’t even know it dropped the other day!

Mishka NYC x Purple Tape Pedigree present High Tide Vol. 3 (mixed by Geng-Grizzly)

1. Aaron Cohen – What You Done For Me Lately? (Feat. Supa Sortahuman, Prod. by L.W. Hodge)
2. Neema & Keyboard Kid – Cigar Room Intro
4. GrandeMarshall – Jeezy Voice (Intrld) (Produced by SamGreenS, Manny Wit Da Beats & GrandeMarshall)
5. A$ton Matthews – Latino Heat (Feat. Bodega Bamz)
6. Trinidad Jame$ & Go Dreamer – Who’s Jokin (Prod. by The Flush Music)
7. Rome Fortune – Cocaine Present 2 (Feat. Trinidad Jame$, Prod. by Ceej)
8. Gorgeous Children – Olive Skin (Prod. by Gila Monsta)
9. Purity Ring – Belispeak II (Feat. Danny Brown)
10. Roc Marciano – I Shot The King (Prod. by Roc Marciano)
11. Goldie Glo & Dallas Tha Kid – Terror Draft
12. Western Tink – Ace Boogie
13. Shadowrunners – Big Wave Massacre
14. Joe Blow – Time Ain’t Money
15. Supreme Cuts & Haleek Maul – Hoverboard (Feat. Squadda B, Prod. by Supreme Cuts)
16. CAS – 3.6
17. Armstrong – Suicide Life (Feat. Eldorado Red , Prod. by Kay Terry)
18. Young Scooter – Truck Loads
19. Dem Franchize Boyz – Lean Wit It Zen Slap Remix (Prod. by Gila Monsta)
20. Dizzy D – Too Fly (Feat. Supa Sortahuman)
21. Gunplay – Rap Sheet
22. Freddie Gibbs – Breaking Bad (Feat. Ea$y Money)
23. Bentley – Lil Beezy
24. ETHELWULF – Phuck The Bullshit (Prod. by DJ Smokey)
25. Mallie – Shoot Me Down (Prod. by BK Beats & PBZ)
26. Deniro Farrar & Shady Blaze – Stayin’ Alive (Feat. Tree, Prod. by Tree)

Shouts to Zach G, Mikhail, and the rest of the Mishka NYC fam…plus all of the artists who appear on this and help make High Tide THAT wave to catch every month.

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