Heaven To A Fool

Gorgeous Children are HERE…completely! What does that mean to you and the rest of the innocent world (I meant that…because when compared to some of this, the world seems tame as a lone Jenga piece that fell behind the couch)? Have you ever seen the religious hallucination scene in Altered States with the fast clouds and the kaleidoscopic eye goat and the seemingly forced-upon sex atop stone podium to the circle of swelling brass lungs? This is the audio version of that, but just on mind benders. Face Vega plays the sadistic bandit running around with curved blade in-hand, opening beastly throats by which to fill his arsenal of double cups. He sits in his lucid kingdom with one hand outstretched to charred tokens of deism, the other palming the pink’ish wig-mess of an unclothed, female Fashion Institute drop-out as she gingerly cleans a set of rose gold fronts. Gila Monsta posts in front with long shirttails, but instead of a frightening set of blaring horns, he applies math and science to marrying off distortion and nougatine slabs of bass. The end result, after 12 ultra-vivid scenes, is a feeling of beyond truth (something like reading an entire Dr. Bronner’s label). Floatation tank rap.

This also marks the first official full-length release from the PTP chamber of talent, and we’re damned proud of Face and Gila, our younger god dem.

Presenting Gorgeous Children

In case you missed it, or just want an easy link to watching it again, follow through to GC‘s “Grassnlean Dreams” video.

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