Def Jam Circa ’83

Killer Mike and co. each play his part as good samaritan in this grindhouse level visual. T.I. got some stripper voodoo bitches, possibly on “bath salts,” and Mike’s black shades grant him some crazy ninja invisibility powers as he makes “moving unnoticed” look completely effortless. R.A.P. Music out now.

“Big Beast” (Feat. Bun B, T.I., and Trouble, Produced by El-P)

Do remember…Killer Mike, El-P, Despot, and Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire go Into The Wild in one second:

Also, the god Spot will be performing with the BXVXK GXX (aka SpaceGhostPurrp) in NYC next week (catch him before he is jetty).

2 comments to Def Jam Circa ’83

  • McNulty

    gahhh no more bath salts!!! Fuck this internet trending topic horseshit…. sorry, u know i love you

    • honestly i just write about what I see… i didn’t hastag none of it I hope. Or maybe that’s why the traffic spiked hard on that day…either way… at least I ain’t lyin’ about us being “NOT R&B,” then proceed to play a Rihanna record. #hot97 #nikkiminajvsfunkmasterflexsummerjamyoungmoneylilwayneisscaredjayzvsnasprodigyballerinaultramagneticmcsbreakup

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