Got Bars, Will Travel

If this is what happens when you fuck up scheduling on Shade 45, I’m on the wrong side of the business. Tony Touch does what he does best and gets the cipher started with both Talib Kweli and Freeway on today’s Toca Tuesdays.

Let me add that when the word “freestyle” is used, 99% of the time it means that “you’re getting a verse for free”…and definitely should not be confused with something that is “unwritten” and “off the top of the domepiece”. But these guys…these guys…THESE guys actually went with the latter and threw bars straight off the top…mostly. Not always the path to hearing the tightest of rhyme knits, but when you hear some impeccably “how’d you come up with that just now” shit…it makes enduring some of the sporadic filler a little more worthwhile.
Whatever though, Free is a fuckin’ monster (even if he did seamlessly interweave a few written bars in…real rap).

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