Dilla and Danny Brown at it again! This sounds like, and could very well be, something from the era of The Hybrid Cutting Room Floor with Brown having just a slightly less zany, vocal chord clench than anything off of/following XXX. Regardless, the Bruiser Brigade president still remains engaging as fuck with an endless stream of flow switch and witty takes on the whole “I don’t like rappers, so I fuck their moms/sisters/girlfriends” attitude. This was the Danny who caught our attention in years prior to 2011. Dilla’s beat though? Well…he must’ve been a psychic and envisioned the sequel to their “Dilla Bot Vs. The Hybrid” collaboration (or Danny could’ve simply hand-picked it out of a batch as presented by Ma Dukes).

Not only is this is the lead single off of Dilla’s Rebirth of Detroit, dropping May 25, but it will be the A-side to a 10″ vinyl release.

“Jay Dee’s Revenge” (Produced by J Dilla)

Again, thanks The Fader

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