Monster With Some Shoes On

Chief Keef ain’t art rap…nor weirdo rap (even if Soulja Boy is on a joint). Fuck those raps, honestly. Anyone requiring more A-1 quality ignance rap?! Yeah, I see a few of you with your half-grins and funny eye movement…why, though? Be proud of yourselves as you’ve opened the correct door (especially if you just downloaded the previous Gunplay joint). Beyond that, you’re also not trying to be ironic by going with the typical, dissimilar lifestyle, mainstream-rich-guy pseudo-trap rap cokehead lane…and even if you never touched a shwammy nor offed a grill in your life, at least proceed in knowing that Keef’s dimension of gutter barrel’ness is only a bus ride away for most…and just so much more attainable; even if you’re a trustfund hipster type.

If you’ve already read my previous dissertation on the young Chi-town crimee, well, I still feel the same way, especially after multiple run-through’s of his Bang mixtape. This new joint is being well-received as I type this post.

Download Back From The Dead

Props to The Fader, again.

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