Human LA Riot

Gunplay‘s got that Bogota Rich out in public circulation. I don’t give a fuck…shit is good. He spits and makes you wonder about who really is the mind behind MMG (or at least the rhymes behind MMG’s frontman). Yeah, I said it.

Even though I had this on my own, I’ll say that The Fader pin-pointed why this works so well…quite well:

Gunplay excels at making tracks that are so grimy and hectic that it’s sometimes easy to forget that the dude is actually an excellent rapper that is able to mold his voice elastically to any kind of beat, seemingly without ever pausing for breath. The trick is that, for the most part, everything he raps over sits firmly in the COMPLETELY WILD SHIT category. Bogota Rich cautiously expands on that formula.

Download Bogota Rich: The Prequel

…and while you’re waiting for the shipment to land…peep the new video to the ut-raucous, scream/gunshot-filled “Jump Out.”

“Jump Out”


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