Out Your Shoes

Sometimes we all need a break from the highly academic and technically-sound rap outings. Maybe it’s me discovering the whole “new 20” aspect of my current age, but I feel like most everyone can benefit from a hearty balance of rap vitamins and minerals…the latter of which being succinctly ignorant-as-it-is-aggressive. If you’ve had a long day, during which you earned a parking ticket and happened to spread the entire meal you spent an hour cooking onto your antique war rug, the last thing you need is to be tempted into thinking scholarly thoughts. Get you some non-conventional, hammer brandishing, slow‘ish, slimeball steez over the foreboding chant of some synthesized horns and skull numbing, subsonic frequencies.

The usual offerings from Atlanta/Miami/Houston/New Orleans, and even Memphis, just seem too polished? Try Chi-Town, and look no further than a talented young man by the name of Chief Keef. Think a finest-points blend of Waka‘s troglodytic, I-won’t-let-a-wall-stop-me-from-walking-a-straight-line, vocal booth loom and Lil B‘s ADHD-kid-on-a-tall-cup-of-lean, slurred thought whimsy, with the lumbering aggression of benchmark-level UK Road Rap…all of which carry a similar adoration for conversational background ad-libs.

“Bang” (Produced by DJ Kenn, Directed by DGainz)

There’s definitely something completely endearing about how the end product reads on the audio canvas…especially the combo of son’s half-present demeanor while delivering some rather serious promises over the snare stutter/cymbal crash parade that is DJ Kenn‘s beat (that whole “moving, while not quite going anywhere” stop-go drum work). But I’m also supremely traumed right now, and this simply fulfills my recently achieved set of processing criteria.

Oh wait, there’s also a full mixtape. There we go.

Propers to The Fader via Danny Brown.

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