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Danny Brown and Kendrick Lamar (representing as the face of TDE/Black Hippy) share the latest cover of The Fader (Issue 78). Obviously, congrats to the both of them for completely proving how carefully-nurtured natural talent, combined with a worker ant’s playground etiquette, can result in…well, results worth writing home about.

Insightful reads, especially if you’ve been dwelling under a rock (or, on it…ha!) and still haven’t opened your fucking ears to rap outside of either your iPOD’s bitterly elitist and regressive, “yo 90’s 90’s 90’s yo yo yo rap rappity rap”-Golden-Era-ideological-regurgitation-in-playlist-form, or the pedophile scum which is dug up and played on some corny daytime radio station. But let’s be honest, you wouldn’t be here if either of the aforementioned was your m.o.

Read: Danny Brown Coming From Behind (ayo?)

Read: Kendrick Lamar Black Hippy: A View From The Center

You know what also garners satisfying results? Creating (and releasing) an album like XXX. Oh, you know about that already? Fine, but did you ever want to know what was going through Brown’s mind to make him start penning a song like “Die Like A Rockstar???” Here’s the better-late-posting-than-never moment. In January, our homeboy, Aaron Matthews of the ever-eloquent Passion Of The Weiss (amongst a handful of other things…he stays busy), compiled a song-by-song breakdown of 2011’s most-celebrated, progressive rap album; with short firsthand blurbs from the folks who were creatively involved (the rapper and the producers). Way more comprehensive, entertaining, and easy on the overall browsing experience than those (usually) silly Complex features.

Big up Aaron Matte, that was a gargantuan task to take on…and you did it fam. Now POW and PTP are currently on a mission of “other type” proportions.

P.S. You should really read the following articles while you’re getting paid to work, that’s flipping a negative into a positive…they’ll then be paying for your educationalization, b.

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